10 girl struggles guys will never understand

The #GirlStruggle is real.  

1. Trying to find your Chapstick in your purse.

2. Waking up early to have time for hair, makeup and wardrobe.

3. Being constantly starving while you're PMSing.

4. When people don't believe that you actually *like* watching sports. (Sexism much?)

5. Strapless bras. Enough said.


6. Perfecting your mascara...only to blink and ruin everything.



7. Spending your hard-earned cash on product so your hair can be ***flawless.


8. Shopping for clothes that meet your school's insane dress code. (Arms-length shorts? What?)

9. Shaving your legs, then looking down to realize you missed a whole strip.  


10. Periods. End of story.

What's your least favorite #GirlStruggle? Anything we missed? Let us know below. 


by Carissa Hyland | 2/1/2016