Behind the scenes of Twilight

Twilight star Christian Serratos (she plays Angela) dishes on some moments from the movie’s set that you don’t see up there on the big screen. Here’s what she had to say about…

…Angela’s camera: “In the film you’ll catch Angela with a camera more than twice. During scenes I would take lots of pictures and now I have them all on a memory card. I got some great shots. It was so much fun. I can’t believe they actually gave me a working camera.”

…The book vs. the movie: “Twilight the movie is going to be Twilight the book, and if and when they do a New Moon movie, it will be the New Moon book. The movies will stay pretty close to the book. There’s a lot to condense, but they do a good job.”

…The cast: “It was really fun to work with everyone. I felt like I already knew them before going up to film because you hear about everyone. We all knew who was cast before filming, so it was really easy to bond with everyone.”

…Filming in Portland, Ore: “Any other shoot can’t film when there is rain, but we couldn’t film if there was sun, so that was difficult. We had to film at night a lot, and those shoots ran for a long time. It was exhausting, but a blast at the same time.”

Coming later this week? Our official Twilight review, and more from our interview with Christian! Make sure to check back.


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by GL | 2/1/2016