Everyone Thinks I'm Anorexic!

My friends think I’m anorexic! What do I do? It’s not like I don’t eat, I just don’t eat a lot. I’m a little heath nut, so I'll eat maybe a blueberry bagel with blueberry yogurt for lunch.

They always yell at me and buy me chips or ice cream, but the truth is, I don’t want to eat that stuff because I play soccer and don't want bad food to sit in my stomach.

I mean, of course once in a while I eat that stuff, but not a lot. They keep renting books in the library about anorexia and it bothers me and makes me uncomfortable.

I am thirteen years old, I am about 5 ft 3, and about 90 pounds, is that a problem? My doctor said I'm at a healthy weight but my friends don't think I am. My aunt and grandpa want me to get help too!


Hey there girl,

This is a perfect case of doctor knows best. If your doctor says you’re healthy, then you’re healthy and your friends need to understand that. More than likely, they don’t mean to hurt your feelings or give you a hard time. They’re probably just concerned and want to make sure you’re healthy.

You should definitely let them know you appreciate their concern, but every single person’s body is different, it’s just like a fingerprint! Kindly let them know they make you feel uncomfortable and it bothers you when they make comments.

You don’t have to defend yourself to anyone. If you feel good about yourself, you will automatically look good! You’re perfect just the way you are!

Lots of love,

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6/17/2009 7:00:00 AM