EDITORS BLOG: Fourth of July Fitness

Earlier this week, my bro and I broke out the tennis rackets. The ladies on the court beside us were super-cute: they had gray hair and were wearing visors and long pants (despite the sweltering heat). All of a sudden, it hit me: when they were little girls, they didn't have all the athletic opps that we do. Whoa.

As we're set to celebrate July 4th, I'm feeling super-grateful for Title IX (which gives girls equal access to sports). Could you imagine NOT being able to play soccer or lacrosse or softball...or whatever sport you love? I've been on tonsa teams (from gymnastics to field hockey and everything in between) and runnin' around is a huge part of who I am.

This weekend, I'm planning on hiking, practicing yoga and maybe playing some speedminton. But I'm also headed to Washington D.C. to check out the museums and spy some fireworks. Gotta spend some time appreciating our history, right? Happy Fourth!

Healthy hearts,
Katie A.


7/2/2009 11:50:00 AM