Mix it up! Refresh your room for free

Hey girlie! Are you getting sick ‘n’ tired of looking at the same ol’ room setup that you had since you were in kindergarten?! While you're sitting on the couch this summer, bored with nothing to do, take the time to add some pizzazz to your bedroom! GL’s got the scoop  on how to spice up your room, and make it soo much more special and comfortable!

Rad rearranger
Don’t be afraid to try something new with your furniture. Putting your bed, desk or dresser in new places can really make a room feel new and fresh! Maybe try placing your bed on a diagonal or even in the center of the room and go from there. Be as creative as you want!

Flower power

Look around your house to see if there are any plants or flowers you could move to your bedroom to spice it up. Go into the kitchen to find containers (cups, glass bowls, vases, etc.) to hold the flowers you find. Be your own florist, and make a beautiful arrangement so your room can look like springtime all the time! If you've picked a plant, it'll be oh-so-fun to tend to it and watch it grow.

Add a scent

Wanna make your space smell super but don’t have scented flowers? Potpourri or incense can add a fab scent to any room. If you don’t have any in the house, you can always make it from scratch. Cut up some orange peels and allow them to dry. Then mix them with whatever sweet spices you have in your kitchen (Try Cinnamon, ginger, etc.). Place your homemade potpourri in an open bowl, and take a deep breath. Ahh-mazing.

Oh, the memories

Get a bulletin board so you can add memorabilia to your room. Hang photos of your friends and family, b-day cards, special invitations, letters, etc. Or make 'em into collages. Print out lots of pics, gather magazines, get lots of stickers and art supplies at your nearest craft store, and spend the day making collages with your BFFs! Seeing all those fun memories every day will add a smile to your face even when you’re feeling down.

Give your bed a makeover
Changing up your bedspread and comforter is an easy way to freshen up the look of your bedroom. Try fun floral colors for the summer time…or ask mom, dad or a relative if they have any ol’ bedding that they wanna get rid of. Make your own DIY pillowcases out of your fave old shirts that don’t fit. Use a pillowcase to measure it out, then craft away.
Fancify your furniture

Find scarves, tablecloths and pretty fabrics to spice up your drawers, dressers, and bed! Use a scarf or fabric you already own to soften a dresser top or the edge of your nightstand. Lay a pretty shawl over the foot of the bed. Search around the house for different fabrics that compliment your color scheme, and you’ll be amazed at how easy-breezy beautiful your room could look.


by Jackie Evens | 2/1/2016
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