SYTYCD Recap: And the winner is


At the start of the season, NO ONE saw this dancing firecracker coming but she is clearly America’s most favorite dancer (and mine, yippee!). Brandon was the runner-up, Evan placed third and Kayla fourth! 
The show was jam-packed with performances even at the start with all the top twenty contestants of the season doing a tribal dance routine!

The judges also got to pick their fave performances of the season, which included the likes of Jeanine’s first dance on the show, a hip hop routine with Phillip, Brandon and Janette’s Argentinean tango of perfection, Asuka and Vitolio’s graceful waltz, Caitlin and Jason’s Bollywood routine, and much, much more! Oh, and let’s not forget the amazing Travis Wall contemporary piece with Jason and Jeanine. And yes, there was another BIG smooch-a-roo!

What a season this was and congratulations to America’s favorite dancer, Jeanine! Were you happy with America's vote? Who was your fave dancer this season? Blog it out.

Want more SYTYCD? You don’t have to wait another year to catch the sixth season of SYTYCD! Make sure to watch the blunders and beauties of the season six auditions returning this fall.

Photo Credit: FOX


by Brook Exler | 2/1/2016