Friend Drama!

The most unfortunate thing happened: I know this one girl who isn’t my really good friend, but I still like her as a friend and a person, and she’s also my neighbor so we like to hang out. Well, two days ago, her brother committed suicide.

Now my mom now won’t let me go to their house anymore for sleepovers and stuff because of what happened (and also because she has something against her family which I can’t really say).

I want to still be this girl’s friend and everything. How do I convince my mom to let me hang out with her?


I’m sorry, girl! That’s a rough situation for anyone to go through. Your friend and her family are probably in grief right now, and most likely will be for a while. It’s always hard to tell how to act towards a friend who’s lost a family member, and your mom might be looking out for your neighbor’s best interests.

You should have a talk with your mom about what happened to your friend’s brother, and how the family is reacting. Explain to your mom that you really value the friendship you have with this girl, and point out that this is the time when she needs her friends and a helping hand more than ever. Ask your mom to respect your choice of a friend and together you can work out a plan of action that would let your friend know that you are there for her and that you care.


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10/21/2009 7:00:00 AM