Online love problem

Over the summer, I met a guy online and we got really close. I like him a lot, maybe even love him. The past couple of weeks he’s been in a bad mood and playing with my emotions.

He told me last month that he loved me and wanted to be with me “forever and always.” It hurts to think about him. I need help soon! Can you give me some advice? My BFF says to forget him but I can’t.

Hey li’l Juliet, I’ve gotta side with your BFF on this one. Online guys are a BIG no-no because you never know who’s on the other end. DO NOT give out personal info to this dude as “in love” with you as he may be. For all you know, he could be a total creeper, or an online predator. This isn't safe. Here are some tips to get this guy out of your life and let the right Romeo in.

Cut the ties

I know this is hard but let me assure you, girlie, you and this guy are NOT meant to be. The good news about the internet is it’s as easy to NOT talk to someone as it is to talk to ‘em. Most programs have settings where you can block a person. It’s super important to do that ASAP before whatever you two have gets any more serious (and dangerous!) than it already is. Block this dude on IM. If you added him on a site like Facebook or MySpace, remove his profile and block him so he can’t see yours. Some e-mails have filters; use a filter to send his email directly to trash.

Do not respond to his messages—no matter how tempting and desperate they may be. He’ll be OK no matter what he says. Get your BFF to back you up on this and make sure you don’t give in. If the prob gets worse and he's still harassing you, please tell an adult ASAP so they can help you out. The sooner this guy is out of your life, the better and safer you are, chica, trust me.

Meet the competition

Your heart may be hurting, but trust me when I say what you did is for the better. Now it’s time for the fun part: meeting the Prince Charming of your dreams—in person. The best part about the guys you meet there is that it’s easy to make a relationship work with them. Unlike this online dude, they’re definitely your age, you can hang out with them outside of school, they’re safe and you can see them in person whenever (hand-holding? Yes, please!) So try getting to know the cuties in your class. Have a group party and invite them to hang. You never know who might be the right dude for you—the best part about love is you'll fall in it when you least expect to.

So here’s the deal: get this guy out, let some new guys in. I know it may be hard to tear yourself away at first, but I promise you the life away from your computer is much more worth living. You’ll find with time you won’t even remember this guy who “loved” you so much. And the best part? As you meet other people, not only will you be safer, your confidence will skyrocket, too. Good luck, girlie! The course of true love never did run smooth, so stay strong!

Infinite xoxo’s,
Alyssa B.

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1/1/2010 7:00:00 AM
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