Quiz - Is she your frenemy?


You can’t imagine life without your best girl by your side, but is she hurting you more than making you laugh? Between backhanded complements and snide eye rolls, your BFF might actually be your best enemy. Take this quiz to get the truth once and for all.

When you were hanging out by your lockers the other day, you told her you have a crush on the new kid in your English class. The next day, you spot her with him, and it looks awfully flirty. When you ask her about it later, she says…


You and your BFF decide to try on bathing suits after school to get ready for summer break. How does she help you out in the dressing room?


What does your fav gal pal do when something good happens to you, like winning the spelling bee or getting asked out by the cutie from Spanish class?


When she makes fun of you, you…


You’re sick in bed with flu, and can’t make it to the dance this year. It was going to be your first date with a boy, and your BFF knows how disappointed you’ll be. What does she do?


You’re shopping together for dresses for Homecoming, and you realize when you get to the dressing room that you’ve grabbed the same dress and you both look awesome in it. Who decides who gets to wear it?


When you wanted to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, she…