Our fave 10 beauty trends from 2011

As we approach 2012, we can’t help but look back on our fave beauty trends of 2011. From braids to cat eyes to hair feathers, this year in beauty was all about creativity and self-expression.
1. Cocktail rings to match your mani
We thought this trend was super rad because you could do so much with it: Match your nails to your ring, paint your nails in hues that contrast nicely with the ring colors, or go neutral to showcase a totally wild statement-making ring.

Ring: Lucite Rose Ring with Rhinestones, $8
Nail polish: Candy Mint Apple, $8,
2. Electric face-cleansing brushes
Whether it’s the Clarisonic or the less expensive Neutrogena version, these brushes are purported to penetrate deeply to your pores, leaving your skin cleaner than ever! Ahh…
Neutrogena Wave Original Vibrating Power-Cleanser, $11,

3. Side-pony
The best thing about the side pony is that anyone can rock it—it doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy, or curly. It’s a universally-flattering hairstyle!

4. Feathers!
We spotted feathers entangled in the hair of so many celebs this year, from Miley Cyrus to Ke$ha to Steven Tyler. Many of these celebs opted for semi-permanent feather hair-extensions, but we prefer the feather headbands and clip-ins—change ‘em out as you please!

Feather Fash Hair Clips, $11,
5. The Modern Cat Eye
The cat eye made a major comeback this year at the Spring 2012 fashion shows, however it was presented with a twist: some makeup artists added extra lines, while others exaggerated the swoop and made the pointed end extra high. Meow!

6. Extreme hair
Bright Easter-egg-hued hair was spotted on celebs from Katy Perry to Lady Gaga this year. If you want to test this crazy trend, we recommend buying a temporary hair dye, unless you want your mom to freak out.

7. Braids
From the French to the fishtail, we quickly realized that this hair style wasn’t just for Pippi Longstocking.

8. Bouncy curls
With the invention of the clamp-less curling iron, girls everywhere were finally able to achieve beautiful bouncy curls without any of the telltale crease marks. Sweet!

Curling iron: Remington T-Studio Ceramic PEARL Professional Curling Wand, $30,

9. Bolder brows
We love the old-school Hollywood glamour of a bold eyebrow, which became popular this past spring. This dramatic look can be attained by using an eye pencil to lightly fill in the sparse areas of your brow. Bold brows help to frame your face, and the best part is you can take a break from tweezing!

10. Slick and sleek
Slicked-back hair was all over the runways this year. It’s the perfect my hair-is-still-fresh-and-wet-from-the-shower look, yet it’s totally sophisticated for an edgy night-out look.
Photo courtesy of Redken.

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by Kathryn Shofer | 2/1/2016