Go for the gold this season with this surprising makeup trick



For a lot of us, winter means dull, pale skin. Gone is that beachy August glow, and we're way more concerned with keeping our faces out of the chilly wind than getting rosy cheeks from the cold. And when it comes to makeup, the situation can seem even more dire: A matching foundation leaves you looking washed out, but bronzer looks too fake.

Turns out, you probably already have the solution in your makeup bag. This season, gold eyeshadow is the key to gorgeous glowing skin. The glitzy go-to does more than just make your lids sparkle—it can change your whole complexion.

To get the look, mix your favorite gold shadow with primer, adding a little at a time until your mixture shines (but isn't showgirl-sparkly). Then, apply it to the high points of your face—that's your cheekbones,the bridge of your nose, the front of your chin and under your eyebrows—with a sponge, brush or your fingers.  Gorgeous!

How do you protect your complexion in the winter? What's your go-to look in the cold months? Let us know below!


by Maddie Howard and Kimberly Uslin | 2/1/2016