Yes, common household products *can* make your skin glow

If you're a fan of DIY beauty products, you're going to love these tips. Home remedies are the most affordable, convenient, and often most effective ways of taking care of your body. Whether you've set out to lengthen your hair, soften your skin, or whiten your teeth, these insane beauty hacks are sure to give you incomparable results. Check out how you can make spa day every day and keep your piggy bank full.

Nourish tired skin with this homemade banana face mask 

Delicious DIY banana facial 
Packed with manganese, Vitamin C, potassium, biotin and copper, bananas are proven to be beneficial to skin. A great way to get these vitamins? By slipping a banana into your smoothie or lunch box. Even better? Applying the fruit topically. The skin on your face has roughly 10 layers of dead skin cells to protect you from infection, so be sure to gently exfoliate before using this banana face mask.


Magnificent mayonnaise hair treatment 
You heard us right—mayonnaise. Apply a mayonnaise treatment to your hair before or after showering to obtain the smooth, shiny locks you've always dreamed of. Thanks to the fatty acids, vitamins and acidity, mayonnaise locks in moisture without leaving hair greasy of heavy. This remedy is so effective, even Blake Lively swears by it.

Image result for baking soda 

Beautiful smiles with baking soda 
We took this hack straight from one of America's top toothpaste brands, and we weren't dissapointed. This quick and easy remedy will whiten your teeth in no time—just don't overdo it. Try this whitening treatment two to three times a week along with regular brushing and flossing for undeniably pearly whites. Check out this foolproof DIY Teeth Whitening Treatment and four other awesome ways to use baking soda

Olive Oil for Hair Growth 

Grow your hair with olive oil
You've heard of coconut oil being used for just about everything, but this time around we're talking about olive oil. If you've ever suffered a bad haircut you know the stress of waiting for what feels like forever for you hair to reach the perfect length. Prevent premature balding and give you hair an extra boost with olive oil treatments.  Olive oil is also known to promote weight loss by aiding digestion and gives you glowing, healthy skin and hair. 

What secret beauty hack do you swear by? Which of these tips are you going to try? Let us know in the comments! 

by Julia Bonney | 11/4/2017