What you need to know about teen skincare brand Bubble


The future of teen skincare is finally here...and it's Hyram approved! The CEO and founder of Bubble, Shari Eisenman wanted to make this skincare line was *perfect* for teens who struggle with annoying breakouts, and the occasional *king-size* pimple right in the center of their foreheads. With the help of Hyram Yarbro Shari accomplished just that! The seven products Bubble just dropped (with an SPF in the making) are *everything* teens need for a healthy and hydrating skincare routine. Not to mention they're *all* priced under 20 bucks making them as affordable as possible for their Gen Z customers. 


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The *amaze* products in this brand new skincare line are; Fresh Start gel cleanser, Break Even balancing toner, Slam Dunk hydrating moisturizer, Level Up balancing moisturizer, Bounce Back fresh toner, Come Clean detoxifying clay mask and the Wipe Out makeup remover. 

Bubble made sure to take their sweet in making the formula for each of their one of a kind products. They did this by compiling a strong team of dermatologists and clinical herbalists to ensure they provided their customers with the *best* possible results for their sensitive skin. Given that this brand is#Hyramapproved the line is obviously cruelty-free, fragrance-free, vegan and non-toxic which means it doesn't include any bad chemicals or fillers. Some of the ingredients it does include are niacinamide, vitamin E, aloe vera, willow bark, raspberry seed oil along with many more plant based ingredients that the skin loves and enjoys. 

Bubble also prides itself on making sure to educate teens about the importance of skincare by having skin school as an option on their website. Skin school includes the choices of being able to take a skincare quiz to learn more about your own skin type, information on skincare myths, a guide to acne and so much more. 


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All of Bubbles *fab* freshly launched products are available for purchase on their website at!


by Hayley Miller | 12/17/2020