The results are in—Meet our 2021 Spring Beauty Award winners

We don't believe in beauty *secrets*. Instead, we love to flaunt our faves and show you exactly how to get happier hair, silkier skin and that oh-so-natural glow we're all craving.

You're welcome, lovely.

GLU DIY Manicure Kit, $60,

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN From shimmery silvers to bouncy blues, GLU's box set comes with five chic colors—plus lavender soy polish remover and pomegranate cuticle oil (aka everything you need for a major DIY mani-pedi).

WHY WE LOVE IT The GLU box is a dreamy vanity accessory *and* works as a low-key phone tripod to film TikTok tutorials of your nail vibes.

Acne Free Terminator 10 Severe Acne Spot Treatment, $8,

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN If keeping your complexion clear is a struggle, we’ve got the fix. Acne Free’s Terminator 10 acne spot treatment is formulated with max-strength benzoyl peroxide (to clear blemishes, stat!) plus chamomile and ginger to gives your skin the soothing care you deserve.

WHY WE LOVE IT Acne Free isn’t just about fighting ITM breakouts, it’s about preventing them, too. By using this spot treatment, you’re clearing current pimples *and* stopping new ones before they even start. Welcome to a spring full of clear skin, self-love and entering each day as your best and happiest you. Love to see it! 

Sun In Hair Lightener, $4,

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN After spending more time inside than ever before (hiiii, Zoom school), you owe your hair some Vitamin D…Do it yourself, that is. Sun In’s hair lightener is the instant fix for lighter, brighter and, well, sunnier locks as you count down the days to summer—no expensive color treatments necessary.

WHY WE LOVE IT Sun In contains botanical extracts and aloe to nourish your hair while it lightens. Simply spritz on your locks and stand by for sun-kissed strands. Soak up the rays (with plenty of SPF, ofc) or use a blow dryer to reveal freshly highlighted hues. You’ll have everyone thinking you traveled to the great outdoors (does watching National Parks Adventure on Netflix count?).

Pop by Hairdo Color Strip Extension, $10,

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN This spring is all about y-o-u, and a pastel hair streak is the easiest way to announce to the world that you’re owning your passionate and creative sides (and we’re so here for it). 

WHY WE LOVE IT We live for an instant makeover. Channel your inner Charli with these heat-friendly hair pieces that provide a pop of color for literally any look—comfy braids, dolled-up curls or au naturel ~wild and free~.

L.A. Girl Desert Dream Eyeshadow Palette, $16,

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN These super-saturated shadows cover *all* your bases (and inner eyes and sparkles). With matte, shimmer and foil finishes in each palette (plus a full-color spectrum), you’re perfectly primed to put together the next viral look.

WHY WE LOVE IT 16 colors in each palette means you’ve got a combination to match any vibe. Dreaming of a tropical vacay? Try the warm coral and gold shades of the V.I.P. palette. Hoping to stand out? Blend the striking greens and daring blues of the Main Stage palette. Cue allll the clapping-hands emojis. 

Sugar & Spice Nail Polish Collection by Sasha Anne, $20,

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Searching for a pretty polish that’s kind to your nails and skin? Look no further—the Sugar & Spice darling duo by Sasha Anne is vegan and formulated without harsh chemicals, making it healthier for you *and* the planet. Sweep on a bold coat for a salon-finished look that’s the perfect match for any sparkling spring style.

WHY WE LOVE IT Cute DIY mani-pedis? We’re in. Harsh chemicals? Not so much. Embrace your soft side with the candy pink shade or go bold with cinnamon red. Either way, we’re in love with this clean-beauty twist on a timelessly chic classic.

TBH Kids Shampoo & Conditioner, $20,

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN Wave goodbye to greasy hair (and icky dry shampoo residue) for good. TBH Kids Shampoo and Conditioner targets scalp sebum at the source—without stripping your hair of its natural moisture. Lather, rinse and repeat to remove buildup and reveal silky strands.

WHY WE LOVE IT Infused with all-natural ingredients like nettle and meadowsweet, this pair balances your hair’s pH for the ultimate healing and hydration. Plus, the sweet herbs transform your shower into a mini spa. Ahh, fresh.

Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel, $5,

THE BEAUTY BREAKDOWN So, you have a *major* summer job interview tomorrow…and a major breakout to match. DW, we can help you fix this, stat. Zapzyt’s formula penetrates deep into your pores—stopping pimples at their start. So when your 7 a.m. alarm rings? All you’ll see are results.

WHY WE LOVE IT Zapzyt’s five-ingredient acne gel is recommended by dermatologists and delivers prime acne treatment for pop-up breakouts when you need it the most. With Zapzyt, you can swipe up on zits, stop stressing about your skin and focus on all the amazing things you have lined up for spring.

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by GL | 3/13/2021