Here’s the ~honest~ scoop on bar shampoo (plus the best ones to buy!)

You might know *all* about shampoo bars, or maybe you're a skeptic. However, there are numerous benefits to shampoo bars over bottles. Bars are compact, cheap and last longer than their liquid counterparts. They usually don't contain the harmful chemicals found in detergent-based shampoos (think sulfates and parabens). Finally, shampoo bars help the environment by eliminating excess plastic bottles. Here are the best brands to buy your first shampoo bar from!

Ethique: Bar Minimum

Ethique, $15.

This shampoo bar is best for girls with sensitive scalps. Though yummy smells and pretty colors are awesome, sometimes you just need the basics. This scent-free bar is equivalent to three bottles of shampoo, made with natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals. 

Viori: Citrus Yao

Viori, $16.25.

This is my ride-or-die shampoo bar. Viori bars are made from Longsheng rice water, an ancient tradition from the Red Yao tribe in China. Viori supports local Red Yao artisans, invests in the local ecosystems and buys their rice from the Red Yao women. This bar is best for girls with normal to oily hair.

The Earthling Co: Variety Shampoo Bars

The Earthling Co, $15.

So many colors and scents! You can find it *all* with The Earthling Co, from wild vanilla to sweet sandalwood. These bars are made in the USA with 100% compostable packaging. They last for 50-75 washes, depending on your hair type and length. These bars work for any hair type.

Ecoccasion: Purple Shampoo Bar for Blondes

Ecoccasion, $13.95.

We love a bar purple shampoo! This product has saved me from the doom of brassy hair after I went blonde. The Ecoccasion purple bar is made for dyed light hair, from blonde to silver to gray. Equivalent to three bottles of shampoo, this bar is vegan, cruelty-free and made with all-natural ingredients (like mango seed oil and oats).

Peach: Moisturizing Shampoo Bar  

Peach, $12.95.

The Peach Bar is *adorbs.* Made for girls with dryer scalps, this bar helps moisturize and revitalize dull hair. It comes in plastic-free packaging too! This bar is made in the USA in a low-energy facility with entirely plant-based materials. The Peach Bar is equivalent to two plastic bottles.

OBIA Naturals: Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar

Obia Naturals, $9.99.

The Obia Naturals bar is moisturizing and best for girls with curly, wavy or coily hair. The products are all vegan and formulated on a scientific basis. The founder, Obia Ewah, is a chemist! Made with coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil and other natural ingredients, this bar is gentle but protective against heat and chemicals.

Dr. Bronner's: Pure-Castille Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner's, $4.79.

This one might be ~controversial,~ but you can wash your hair with Dr. Bronner's soap. This option is for the no-nonsense girls who want an all-in-one soap, shampoo and shaving cream (and dish soap and floor cleaner and dog washer). Dr. Bronner's is vegan, fair-trade and comes in biodegradable packaging. Washing your hair with Dr. Bronner's has a slight learning curve, so here's a definitive guide on how to perfect the process.

Love Beauty and Planet: Murumuru Butter Rose Bar

Love Beauty and Planet, $4.99.

Our fave sustainable drugstore brand, Love Beauty and Planet has it all. This bar is best for girls with dyed hair, as the formula is designed to enhance shine, color and gloss. Vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in recyclable cartons: what's not to love?

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by Julieanne Larick | 8/24/2021