5 Pinterest hair tutorials you *have* to try for homecoming


Doing your own hair for homecoming can seem daunting. After all, flat-ironing or curling takes *forever*. But what if we told you there were plenty of easy, no-heat hairstyles you could learn in just a few minutes? GL has rounded up five hair tutorials from Pinterest that require minimal effort—and deliver maximum style. Watch the tutorials below, and learn how to create the homecoming hair of your dreams.

Pancake Braid


The secret to voluminous, Insta-worthy braids? Pancaking. You read that right—the breakfast-inspired term refers to tugging on the ends of your braided strands so that they flatten out like a pancake. The tutorial shows how to execute the technique on a pull-through braid. Instead of weaving three strands together, you use mini elastic hair ties to hold two strands of hair behind the rest of it. If that doesn’t quite make sense, the video should clarify how it all comes together. 

Trendy Scarf Braid


Every outfit benefits from an accessory that adds a pop of color. When it comes to hair accessories, clips and headbands usually do the trick. But if you want a braid *and* a pop of color, this scarf braid is the only style that will cut it. As the tutorial demonstrates, all you need is one scarf in the color and pattern of your choice. After you’ve started a regular French braid, pull the scarf through the plait until the ends hang evenly from the center. Next, weave it into the braid. Have a parent or sibling do any last-minute adjustments to make sure the scarf shows through.

Easy Breezy Up-Do


If you’ve always struggled to put together an effortless bun (hi), this tutorial is the one for you. While normally you try to wrap the hair around itself and hope it’s not sticking out too much, the tutorial advises you to add in an extra step. Specifically, start with a tight ponytail. Twist your hair just enough to notice a swirl. Wrap it around your wrist and pull the tail end through the hole where your wrist is. Finally, tuck the excess under the bun and tie it off. Bobby pins and hairspray should take care of any stray bits, leaving you with a messy bun up-do that’s effortlessly chic.

Beachy Rope Braid


Once you master the technique behind the rope (or ‘twist’) braid, you'll realize it’s one of the easiest braids to do. After all, you only have to keep track of two strands that you wrap over one another. The tutorial vid shows how to use rope braids as accents to a beachy half-up ‘do. It kind of resembles a waterfall braid, but without the confusing extra strands to worry about. Complete the look by clipping in a flower right above your ear—you can find fake flower clips on Amazon or at your local craft store.

Upscale Accent Twist


No more putting on a headband and calling it a day. This tutorial takes a traditional headband and gives it a fun twist. You’re going to need mini hair elastics and a fun headband on hand before you start. First: divide your hair into three sections. Take one small section from each of the two outer sections and tie them together above the middle section. Put on the headband and undo the section you just tied. Rejoin those strands to the two outer sections and pull them through the part above the ponytail. Finally, tie the twists under the middle section and untie the middle section to cover up the elastics.

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Slider: @saratan


by Bailey Bujnosek | 10/8/2021