4 iconic Olivia Rodrigo hairstyles to recreate this fall

Ever since "drivers license" topped the charts last January, Olivia Rodrigo has been setting trends—and not only in the music industry. While many fans have taken inspo from the teen's incredible style (raise your hand if you recently bought platform boots, plaid or chains...), others have sought to copy her oh-so-glam hairstyles. If you fall into the ladder category, keep reading, because we've rounded up four hairstyles that are 100% Olivia-approved.

Knotted spikey updo 

Where to wear: Planning a fancy social event with your besties? We've got you covered! This grunge spikey updo is serving *all* the vintage vibes we could ever want.

What you need: A comb and some hair-ties (or clips) to throw your hair up into two adorable messy buns.

Pro-tip: After sectioning off your hair, pull it into two vertical buns. Once yo're satisifed with the buns, secure them with your clips of choice, Be sure to pull a few strands of hair out for the ultimate spikey ~lewk.~

Half-up half-down pigtails

Where to wear: Picture this: you just thrifted the *most* gorgeous 90s dress, but you can't decide what to do with your hair. This fab hairstyle gives sweet and casual vibes—making it perfect for a picnic in the park or a game-night with your bae.

What you need: Two small rubber bands or hair-ties. That's all!

Pro-tip: Curl your hair with a tight wand curler. Once you've brushed out the curls, pull two small sections into high pigtails. Wrap a strand of hair around your hair-tie to elevate the look.

Wind-swept braids 

Where to wear: If you need a quick and easy way to step up your look, these braids are *perfect* for you. Pair these braids with a casual 'fit and rock them at school all day long.

What you need: Two hair-ties. Wrap a charm around the bottom of the braid to add a ~special something~ to the look.

Pro-tip: Split your hair into two sections and braid them both. If you want to make the look a bit more casual, pull out a few pieces of hair to frame your face.

2x the braids, 2x the fun

Where to wear: From a school dance to a birthday party, this look will look as fab in photos as it will in person. Rock this hairstyle when you want a look that is as functional as it is fabulous.

What you need: A few hair-ties and butterfly clips.

Pro-tip: If you want to make your look totally Y2K approved, use a curling wand to add some curls or waves to your hair. Then, add some butterfly clips to your braids!

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All GIFs via GIPHY | Slider image via @claytonhawkins


by Eva Mandelbaum and Kelly Schwint | 10/7/2021