Everything you need to know about having sensitive skin

Having a set skincare routine is oh so important. But if you have sensitive skin, maybe you're thinking, "My skin prevents me from using any skincare I want." So, what actually is sensitive skin? The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) defines sensitive skin as "a syndrome [that causes] unpleasant sensations in response to stimuli that normally should not provoke such sensations." Having sensitive skin can make life harder, but we're not about to let it slow us down. Read on for signs of sensitive skin, how to deal with it and products that will still let you live your best self-care life. 

The Signs

Here are some ways to tell if you are experiencing sensitive skin, in case you aren't totally sure:

1. You break out after a facial, new makeup, body wash or a change in your skincare regime.
2. The weather takes a way harsher toll on your skin than your friends.
3. You often break out or experience redness for seemingly no reason.

How to deal

Keep it simple. While you might not be able to go crazy with fun moisturizers and lip gloss, don't ditch skincare altogether or miss out on fun products. Instead, implement a basic routine that doesn't give your pores an overload. A gentle face wash and lighter moisturizer, along with a touch of Vaseline or Aquaphor for your lips are all you need. Opt for a moisturizer with sunscreen to combat the weather, too. Think of it this way—finding products that work for you is like a fun treasure hunt!

Don't take risks. You know your body best. While natural skincare alternatives aren't always the cheapest, there's a better chance that your skin will stay reaction-free than if you opt for a different product. Besides, it's better to nourish your skin most days so that if the squad wants to do a sheet mask at the sleepover, you can afford to give it a go. 

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by Riley Yates | 4/19/2022