8 photos to recreate after your next hair appointment

As the seasons change, many of us change up our hair—perhaps you finally go for that auburn red color you've always wanted or you take the risk and get bangs. Regardless of the hairstyle you end up getting, a cute photo for Insta is a must. Scroll through for some major inspo on the kinds of pics you'll want to snap the next time you walk out of the hair salon to properly show off your ah-mazing hair. 

Mirror selfie at the salon


When your hairstylist puts the finishing touches on your hair, grab your phone and take some mirror selfies right there. Your hair will look perfect in that moment (ya know, before it meets the wind or humidity outside)—plus, hair salons guarantee great lighting and the perfect aesthetic background to complement your feed.

Hair selfie


After getting that perfect salon blowout, you have to get a cute selfie while your hair looks best. Play around with different poses and send some to your besties to help you pick the best ones. For a dramatic effect, take the selfie at a lower angle and tilt your head down so that your hair falls forward.

Fun polaroids


Still loving the Polaroid effect? Take some cute selfies and use an app (we suggest the Pixo app) to get the effect. Feeling extra? Take actual Polaroid photos and take photos of them with a cute background for a cool original photo that shows off your new hair and your creative side.

Bathroom mirror


If you're getting tired of mirror selfies, have your friend or sibling take the photos while you play around posing in the mirror instead. Have fun with the poses and bring attention to your hair (like by turning around to capture the full view of your haircut).

Sunny selfie


When your hair is freshly dyed, cut and styled—it looks ah-mazing in the sunlight. It's only right to take advantage of that and take a selfie with the sun hitting those healthy strands. (Tip: Apply your fave highlighter to the high points of your face for the glowiest selfie!)

Coffee shop photo shoot


Let's be're probably got coffee on your mind after hours at the salon. Head to a cute local coffee shop and have your own little photo shoot to show off your new hair in a more subtle way.

Full-length photo


If you not only want to show off your new hair, but also your *super* cute outfit—go for a full-length photo like this one. Toss all your hair to the back and fluff it a bit before posing for the perfect photos.

Car selfie


As the last one, we can't ditch the classic car selfie. Not only will you have some guaranteed great lighting, but you can easily take it the moment you get in the car so your hair will still be *perfect* and photo-ready. 

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by Alaina Cintron | 3/31/2022