6 perfect perfumes for newbies

Starting your journey of being coming ~that girl~? First, you'll need your own signature scent. Incorporating a perfume into your routine can totally boost your confidence and turn heads whenever you walk by. If you're lost in the vast world of fragrance and don't want a scent that's too mature or too childish, then we'll help you pick out a perfect perfume for Y-O-U.

Pure Grace by Philosophy

Pure Grace Eau de Toilette (2 oz), Philosophy, $52

If you prefer that refreshing, ~clean~ smell over floral or fruity scents, then try picking up a bottle of Philosophy's Pure Grace perfume. Pure Grace smells like soap in the best way possible—like you're fresh out of the shower and surrounded by fresh laundry.
Notes: Pure, crisp soap and water.

Glossier You by Glossier

Glossier You Eau de Parfum, Glossier, $60

This Glossier fragrance is called "You" because, well, that's who it's meant to smell like. Glossier You is specially formulated to melt into your skin, so it smells a little different on everyone. Along with blending into your unique personal fragrance, this perfume is warm, musky and slightly sweet.
Notes: Pink pepper, iris, ambrette seeds, ambrox.

Sugar Lychee by Fresh

Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum (1 oz), Fresh, $54

Ever wanted to smell like a juicy, refreshing fruit? Today's your lucky day. The Sugar Lychee fragrance by Fresh is wonderfully sweet and fruity without being overpowering.
Notes: Grapefruit, Italian lemon, lime blossom, lychee, lotus lower, freesia, sandalwood, tonka bean, amber.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Eau de Toilette (.67 oz), Marc Jacobs, $49

This Marc Jacobs perfume is a *total* classic. It's floral and sweet, yet light and classy—the perfect option if you're looking for a slightly more mature and feminine fragrance. There's a reason why so many people swear by this scent.
Notes: Strawberry, violet leaves, jasmine, sandalwood.

Cloud by Ariana Grande

Cloud Eau de Parfum (1 oz), Ariana Grande, $45

Calling all Arianators! Even if you're not an Ariana Grande fan, this dreamy perfume will totally up your look and confidence level. Cloud is a unique blend of floral, sweet and musky notes. You'll be hooked at first sniff.

Notes: Lavender blossom, juicy pear, bergamot, crème de coconut, indulgent praline, vanilla orchid, creamy blonde woods.

Mango Body Mist by The Body Shop

Mango Body Mist, The Body Shop, $14

Okay, so this is a body mist, not a we're kind of cheating here. But this mango scent from The Body Shop is just so tropical and yummy-smelling that we couldn't resist! Body mists are great if you're not quite ready to commit to a "real" perfume but still want to give yourself a signature scent.
Notes: Mango.

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by Jinny Kim | 6/4/2022