Early 2000s hairstyles that are *totally* trendy again

Nostalgic hairstyles from the 2000s are back in style! That's right, get ready to time travel to the past because your fave updos from the Spice Girls era have returned. As always, dw, we have your back with a rundown on all the returning looks that you *need* to recreate this year. 

Spiky buns


Our new motto is officiall "The spikier, the better." Spiky buns are sleek, chic and totally give the model off-duty vibe. 

How to recreate it: With a middle part, tightly pull your hair back into a ponytail, leaving two front pieces out. Wrap the two pieces behind the ponytail, securing with some bobby pins. Then, twist your ponytail into a bun shape and leave the ends out for the spiky effect. 

Quick tip: Use gel to make your bun extra slicked-back and refined.

Mini butterfly clips

Butterfly clips, or really any mini clips, scream the 2000s and are def a blast from the past. The adorbs accessories can be used in any hairstyle and with any color combo which is a total plus. 

How to recreate it: Grab some mini clips to add to your hair! Try placing them throughout curls, buns or tiny twists.

Crimped mermaid waves


*All* the it girls of the 2000s rocked their crimped waves, and now, so can you! Consider mermaid waves the modern-day crimped style reinvented. For a beachy, tousled look, try this quick, on-the-go hairstyle requiring minimal effort. 

How to recreate it: All you really need is a waver, but you can also use a flat iron in a back-and-forth motion to replicate the look. 

Loop buns


These effortless loop buns are seriously the cutest thing we've ever seen. If you're rushing to get out the door and don't have a lot of time, but want to do something with your hair, this casual hairstyle is perfect!

How to recreate it: Split your hair evenly in half down the middle. Using two hair ties, start tying your hair as if you were going to make pigtails. On the last loop around, don't pull your hair all the way through and stop halfway. And there you have your loop bun look! Easy peasy, right?

Comb headbands


Recently spotted everywhere, comb headbands are the ultimate throwback revival. For those who want to keep their hair out of their face on certain days, these stretchy, inexpensive headbands are cool, unique and stylish.

How to recreate it: Invest in a comb headband, and slide it over your head as you would a normal headband. You can either leave your hair straight or add some curls depending on your liking. 

Zig-zag parts


We are in love with these zig-zag parts atm. Yes, they may be out of the ordinary compared to your basic middle part, but we are 100% digging this fun and edgy look! 

How to recreate it: Using the end point of a comb, draw out a zig-zag line across the top of your head and separate the two sides of your hair to make the part. From there, you can leave it as is or do another hairstyle with it. It's as simple as that!

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by Madison Yee | 9/13/2022