The bold beauty trends you *need* to try this back-to-school szn

Runways, there really any difference?

It's time for new classes, new friends and a new year. Now meet your new look: bright colors, daring details and loads of hair bling. Yep, going back to school is a breeze when you have a few fresh beauty tricks up your sleeve. Grab a pen, ladies, because you'll want to take notes...

The Makeup

Hot Pink Peepers

Why you'll love it: Neutrals are fun, but fuchsia is everything. This look is a twist on a smoky eye. "We'll be seeing intense pops of color all season long," says makeup artist Brittany Lo.

How to do it: Apply bright pink cream eyeshadow all over your lid using a dense shadow brush, as well as under your lower lash line (use a damp liner brush). Then, blend the edges with a clean fluffy brush. Keep the rest of your makeup low-key.

TRY: KVD Beauty Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow & Brow Pigment, $23,

Legendary Liner


Why you'll love it: Haven't nailed cat eyeliner yet? Same here. That's where eye stickers come in. Not only do they make getting ready so much easier, but you can find them in fun metallic finishes.

How to do it: "Add eye stickers as the last step in your makeup routine," says celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hernandez. All you need are tweezers to help get them into place (try your upper lash line or above your crease).

TRY: Lime Crime Holographic Face & Eye Stickers, $14,

Crimson Kiss


Why you'll love it: Student government speech? European history presentation? A bright, bold pout is a total power play. 

How to do it: Blend a vibrant red onto your lips using a brush, which helps you build color without the harsh, straight-from-the-tube pigment. Blot with a tissue to ensure it stays all day (even through lunch time).

TRY: L.A. Colors Pout Chaser Lipstick in Jelly Much, $2,

Baby Blue Eyes


Why you'll love it: Running late for the bus? It only takes minutes (we timed it) to make a statement.

How to do it: Add some gloss on your lips, then a coat or two of colorful mascara to your lower lashes. Suddenly, your eyes look bigger and brighter.

TRY: About-Face Teal Mascara, $16,

The Hair

So Twisted


Why you'll love it: Love wearing your hair out of your face *and* down? This is the best of both worlds.

How to do it: "Part your hair in the middle and gather a one-inch section close to the hairline," says celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein. "Add a bit of texture spray for extra hold." Twist the hair backward, gathering more hair as you go, then secure it behind your ear with a bobby pin.

TRY: R+Co Trophy Shine + Texture Spray, $33,

Playful Plaits


Why you'll love it: This look deconstructs classic braids, giving you a perfectly undone and (super pretty) result. Can you say car ride style sesh?

How to do it: When you hop out of the shower, apply a styling cream to help smooth flyaways and frizz. While your hair is damp, braid two or three sections and secure with an elastic. "Leave a few hairs out around the nape to give it a more romantic feel. Then, secure the ends with a chic scarf or piece of ribbon," suggests hairstylist Bri Orozco.

TRY: Bread Beauty Supply Elastic Bounce Leave-in Conditioning Styler Hair Cream, $28,

Luxe Hairline


Why you'll love it: A braided hairline gives modern Bridgerton vibes—and we're here for it. Plus, this makes for a great protective style if you wear your hair natural. 

How to do it: Apply a hydrating serum to keep the hairs in place, then part your hair down the middle and Dutch braid (go to to learn how) just the face-framing pieces on either side, sticking close to the hairline. Add accessories once the braids are pinned behind your head, Orozco suggests.

TRY: It's a 10 Miracle Hair Styling Serum, $28,

Watercolor Wash


Why you'll love it: "Faded color is perfect for back to school because it still has the remnants of bright hues from summer while transitioning into the warmer tones of fall," says Orozco.

How to do it: This works best if you have lighter locks (otherwise the pale color won't show up). "Look for semi-permanent pastel shades, then apply to blond hair," Orozco says. Thinking of bleaching your hair first? Leave that to a professional, she advises.

TRY: Curlsmith Hair Makeup in Rose Gold, $15,

The Accessories

Tiara Time


Why you'll love it: Honestly, who doesn't want to feel like a queen? An embellished headband is the perfect reminder to hold your head up high.

How to do it: Wear your hair up, down—whatever you want. Then, place your headband in line with the tops of your ears to show it off.

TRY: Lux Accessories Silver Tone Crystal Rhinestone Floral Flower 2 Row Coil Headband, $14,

More Bandwidth


Why you'll love it: "Throwing on a wide headband is the perfect solution for mornings when you can't do much but still want to look put together," Orozco says.

How to do it: Add a headband to a ponytail or wear your hair down, with or without bangs, says Rubenstein. For a silky-smooth look, finish with oil or shine spray.

TRY: JVN Complete Nourishing Hair Oil Shine Drops, $22,

Clip Art


Why you'll love it: We love a good accessory moment—and this artful arrangement will def have all eyes on you. 

How to do it: You know how to add a hair clip, so just go for it! Place them randomly around your head or just add a few in a cluster to hold back the sides of your hair.

TRY: Kitsch XL Snap Clips in Hematite, $6,

Zig to the Zag


Why you'll love it: "Not only will these '90s throwback headbands keep your strands away from your face, the way they separate the hair gives a really cool, sleek look," says Orozco.

How to do it: Apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair, then comb in from roots to ends (it will leave your hair looking super smooth and almost wet). Then use the headband to comb through the first few inches of your hair and set into place.

TRY: Scünci Effortless Beauty Flexy Stretch Hair Combs, $7 for 3,

The Nails

Going Graphic


Why you'll love it: This design is super easy to recreate while still looking very chic. 

How to do it: "Apply a neutral shade all over. Once that's dried, use washi tape to create the geometric shape on the side of the nail," says celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce. Paint the uncovered area black and let dry before removing tape and adding a topcoat.

TRY: Pleasing Perfect Pearl Polish, $20,

Pretty Pearls


Why you'll love it: Nothing says glam like a set of pearls and they're even better on your nails. "Fashion has been pushing us toward a super opulent, super luxurious look," says Boyce.

How to do it: "Start with a nude polish, then use nail glue to affix individual pearls," she says. "Cluster them toward the cuticles, then spread them out a bit more as you reach the tip of the nail." Or, you know, grab a set of press-ons with the design done for you!

TRY: Kiss Masterpiece Nails Heirloom, $12,

Monogrammed Mani


Why you'll love it: "Everyone loves personalized nails," says Boyce. Plus, it's super simple and sweetly subtle.

How to do it: If you trust your calligraphy skills, try to freehand your initials with a fine brush. But if you want to make it easier, just add nail stickers over your favorite shade. "Once you've attached your decal, apply a clear topcoat to seal it so it doesn't lift on the edges," Boyce suggests.

TRY: Lottie London Stick To It Alphabet Nail Stickers, $7,

So Sheer


Why you'll love it: "Jelly colors are having a moment—sheer red takes the trend to a very elevated place," says Boyce.

How to do it: "Apply a coat of red polish, then lightly add a drop or two of nail polish remover with a small makeup brush just on the tip of the nail," explains nail artist Gina Edwards. "Allow the remover to drip down and separate the polish, creating a swirly, translucent effect."

TRY: Orly Breathable Nail Color in Namaste Healthy, $9,

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by Erin Reimel | 8/27/2022