Get your glowiest skin ever

The universal skin dream? A complexion that looks healthy and radiant, no filter needed. Here are the (kinda surprising) secrets to getting there.

So we all know glow is the goal—or at least that's what you've read/heard/seen pretty much everywhere for the past year. But a billion TikTok tips, tricks and testimonials aside, how do you actually get skin that looks luminous on the regular?

"Glowy skin is an inside and outside job," says esthetician Morgan Rackley. That means eating a variety of nutrient-dense foods, getting enough sleep, exercising frequently *and* having a solid skincare regimen. Here's how to make it happen...

Glow getter #1: Get enough zzz's.

"When it comes to your skin, sleep is incredibly important," says Rackley. She recommends getting at least eight hours every night to not only keep your skin clear, but to help your body stay healthy overall. So no matter how tempting bingeing old eps of Schitt's Creek at midnight might be, press pause and get some rest.

Glow getter #2: Stop stressing over everything.

Says dermatologist Dr. Geeta Yadav: "Stress raises the level of cortisol in your body," triggering inflammation and leading to irritation, breakouts and a breakdown of collagen (that's the protein in your skin that keeps your complexion looking fresh). To soothe your soul (and your skin), try proven stress busters like meditation, going for a walk, taking a bath, snuggling up with your pup or reading a favorite book.

Glow getter #3: Up your workouts.

Regular exercise increases circulation, which helps your skin glow, explains Dr. Yadav. "Cardio is especially great because it oxygenates your cells to give your skin a healthy flush," she says. Whether you're getting a workout on the basketball court, at dance class or in the gym, you'll start to see the benefits.

Glow getter #4: Eat the good stuff.

Fueling up on foods that are rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, collagen and omega-3 fatty acids will leave you looking luminous, says Dr. Yadav. She suggests eating plenty of fruits and veggies (especially strawberries, blueberries and sweet potatoes), healthy fats (nuts, seeds and avocados), fatty fish like salmon and even dark chocolate, which is full of antioxidants (yum!). Packing your diet with healthy options will make you feel better overall and keep your skin radiant.

Glow getter #5: Wash smart.

Clean skin is happy skin. Use a gentle cleanser like Avene Tolerance Extremely Gentle Cleanser ($25) in the morning and at night to whisk away dirt, oil and makeup so debris doesn't clog up your pores or dull your glow. It's the first step in any well-rounded skincare lineup.

Glow getter #6: Ditch dry, dead skin cells.

Skin looks its best when it is smooth enough to reflect light, so sloughing away dead skin cells is the simplest way to brighten your complexion. But be careful: "Don't use all the active ingredients at once," warns dermatologist Dr. Jenny Liu. "Too much exfoliation can reduce your skin barrier function and increase irritation." She suggests starting with a gentle alpha hydroxy acid like the Hyper Even Fade and Glow AHA Mask ($48) twice a week. You can also incorporate an enzyme mask into your routine. "Enzyme sare like little Pac-Men that chomp away at dead skin without causing irritation," explains Rackley. Try Bliss Powerhouse Pumpkin Face Mask ($15), packed with natural acids.

Glow getter #7: Add in mega moisture.

Moisturizing your skin is non-negotiable, no matter how naturally oily you are. Look for products with fatty acids and hyaluronic acid, ingredients that boost your skin's hydration levels. (We love The Inkey List Ceramide Night Treatment, $15). As a rule, you can apply sunscreen (more on that below) during the day and a heavier cream at night for maximum moisture.

Glow getter #8: Save your skin with SPF.

Yep, say it again with us: Apply. Sunscreen. And, yes, all year long (try Sun Bum Original Glow SPF 30 Sunscreen Face Lotion, $19). Why? Your skin risks damage with any sun exposure, making it appear dull and uneven. Want extra ammo in your fight to diminish the sun's effects? Use a vitamin C serum daily to neutralize harmful free radicals from UV rays (we heart Versed Stroke of Brilliance Brightening Serum, $20). And if you can't resist the look of sun-kissed skin, get a healthy glow with self-tanner and a bit of bronzing powder. Now who's sun smart *and* stunning?

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by Erin Reimel | 1/15/2023