Everything you need to know about getting your ears pierced

You just got the OK from your parents to get your ears pierced (yay!). Now here's everything you need to know to get prepped—besides what cute new earrings to buy. 

Time it right

Starring in a musical with tons of quick costume changes? Right in the middle of sports season? In a word: Wait. "You really want to avoid bumping your ears," says Lisa Bubbers, co-founder of the piercing studio Studs.

Pick the right piercer

"Make sure your piercing studio uses single-use sterilized needles," advises Bubbers. "These cause less tissue trauma, require shorter healing time and are more hygienic than a piercing gun." Have sensitive skin? Ask for 14k or 18k solid gold starter earrings.

Prep correct

"Come to your appointment well rested, eat a snack before and hydrate," advises Bubbers. The better you're feeling, the better prepared you'll be for the pierce. 

Try to chill

Feeling super nervous? Take a deep breath. We swear, piercing feels like a quick pinch, and it's over before you know it. If your pain tolerance is low, stick to piercing your lobes versus other spots on your ears—they're fleshier, so it won't hurt much at all.

Keep it clean

Spray your new piercings two to three times a day with saline solution (try NeilMed Piercing Aftercare, $10, drugstores), plus frequently wash your hands, sheets, pillowcase, towels and anything else that may harbor icky bacteria that could spread to your ear.

Don't touch

You might be tempted to twist and turn your studs, but rotating them will only delay healing. If you sleep on your side, use a travel pillow and place your ear directly in the middle hole to avoid lying directly on your piercing.

Wait to change

Our pros recommend waiting four to six months for your lobes to fully heal before changing your earrings. Pierced your cartilage? Keep those beginner baubles in for up to a year.

We're All Ears

Listen up! Ear kit founder Amanda Harper reveals the looks she's been seeing on ears everywhere.

Cutie connections

Charlie Chain Connectors, $10, Ear Kit

"It's so trendy to link two piercings with delicate little chains," Harper shares. You can buy them as a set or use a removable chain on any earring like Ear Kit Charlie Chain Connectors ($10 each,

Double dose

Iridescent Mini CZ Studs, $36, Studs

"Stacking piercings by adding two tiny studs close together has become really popular," says Harper. Grab a pair for each ear like the Studs Iridescent Mini CZ Stud ($36 for a pair,

No-needle accessories

Haydyn Ear Cuff Set, $42, BaubleBar

Passing on piercing? Go for versatile ear cuffs that hang onto your ear without poking through it. We love the Bauble-Bar Haydyn Ear Cuff Set ($42,

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by Erin Reimel | 3/22/2023