4 summer nail trends you can try at home

There's no feeling like taking a picture of your gorgeous mani after an hour in the salon chair. A fresh nail set can totally have you looking your best, but frequent trips to the salon can have your wallet feeling, well, the worst. Save a dollar and stay pampered with these four budget-friendly summer nail trends you can try at home.

Neon French Tips


Nothing screams summer more than a neon moment. Taking the timeless French tip look up a notch with a bold pop of color is the perfect way to make a summer statement.

What you'll need:
+ Pink, yellow, green, orange and blue nail polish, $10
+ A light pink or nude polish, $8
+ A small nail brush, $5
+ Clear top coat, $10

1. Start by painting your nail with a cream or light pink polish.
2. Dip your nail brush into one of your neon polishes and paint a thin layer around the tip of your nail.
3. Add a top or gel coat for a glossy look!

Vanilla Glazed 

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Hailey Bieber's donut nails have been rebranded by our clean aesthetic girlies. Whether you're laying by the pool or meeting up with a friend for a coffee date, these vanilla glazed nails are perfect for any occasion. (Want to try this in a different color? No problem! You can still use the chrome powder and simply change out the cream polish to any you'd like—try pink for a strawberry glazed look.)

What you'll need:
+ Cream nail polish, $8
+ Non wipe topcoat, $7
+ Gel top coat, $8
+ Pearl chrome powder and applicator, $6

1. Paint your nails with a few coats of the cream nail polish. 
2. Add a layer of a non wipe topcoat and let it fully dry.
3. Dip your applicator into the chrome powder and rub onto your nail.
4. Seal with a gel top coat.

Retro Flowers


Did someone say Mamma Mia? Live out your dream European vacay with these blue and white retro flower nails. This seaside-inspired palette mixes a trendy '70s aesthetic with that by-the-ocean feeling.

What you'll need:
+ Royal blue nail polish, $10
+ White nail polish, $10
Light pink or nude polish, $5
A dotting tool, $5 or a bobby pin
+ A small nailbrush, 

1. Paint your thumb, middle finger and ring finger with white nail polish.
2. Paint your pointer and pinkie finger with the nude or light pink polish.
3. Using a small nail brush, line the top of your pointer and pinkie finger with white nail polish.
4. Dip your dotting tool or the rounded end of a bobby pin in the blue polish.
5. Make 5 dots on your nail for the flower petals.
6. Clean your dotting tool and dip it into the white polish for the center of the flower.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for as many flowers as you want!

Jelly Popsicle Nails

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You read that right: Your fave summer treat can easily be transformed into a glossy, sheer nail shade.

What you'll need:
+ Any colored nail polish
+ Clear top coat, 

1. Add a few drops of your colored polish into the clear coat bottle.
2. Mix the two together.
3. Paint your nails with the mixed polish and voila!

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Slider image: @mynailgirlness
Top image: @nails_by_annabel_m
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by Annika Chaves | 6/29/2023