WIN! The ultimate back-to-school beauty essentials

The last item on your summer agenda? Glowing up your grand hallway entrance. Tick these to-dos off your list before the first day, then enter to win all the goodies here.

✅ To do: Try DIY highlights

Sun In Hair Lightener Lemon Fresh, $5

Soft, sun-kissed locks can linger long after your last beach day. Heat-activated Sun In is full of conditioning botanical extracts your hair hearts, like aloe, chamomile, marigold and flaxseed.

To do: Score smooth skin

Tree Hut Coco Colada Shea Sugar Scrub, $10

The perfect addition to your next Everything Shower. Tree Hut's Coco Colada Shea Sugar Scrub gently exfoliates to leave skin seriously smooth—and with summery scents like coconut and pineapple, you'll be in vacay mode all year long.

To do: Banish breakouts (like, now)

Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel, $5

Zapzyt's micronized benzoyl peroxide penetrates deep into pores to deliver real results. Thanks to its clear-drying formula, you can even apply it in between classes for fast-acting, invisible pimple treatment.

To do: Solve your period probs

Pamprin Botanicals Don't Cramp My Style, $16

Skipping out on the stuff you love because of your period? Sooo last semester. Call on this holistic blend to treat those pesky period symptoms like bloating and cramps—so you feel more like yourself all month long.

To do: Treat your tresses

TBH Kids Scalp Refresh Kit, $22

Your midweek wash routine just got a major upgrade, thanks to the TBH Kids Scalp Refresh Kit. Tap a unique blend of botanicals that minimizes sebum production (buh-bye, greasy roots) and strengthens your strands. Now who's picture-day ready?

To do: Revamp your night routine

PanOxyl Clarifying Exfoliant 2% Salicylic Acid, $11

PanOxyl's lightweight exfoliant unclogs pores to reveal clearer, brighter skin. The alcohol-free formula (with blue algae and antioxidants to calm irritation and reduce redness) is gentle enough to reach for on the reg.

To do: Say hi to high-shine

L.A. Colors Holographic Iridescent Lipgloss in Sugared, $4

An ultra-glimmering gloss made with lip-loving vitamin E and shea butter = *not* too good to be true. Toss this L.A. Colors holographic (and oh-so-hydrating) lippie in your locker for an iridescent glow anytime.

To do: Luxe up your lashes

I-Envy Edge Fit All-Around False Lashes, $4

Feather-soft and luxuriously lightweight, I-Envy's Edge Fit half band falsies are super quick to apply—and bring mega oomph to the outer corners of your eyes. The result: a big Bambi effect. Rock 'em from homeroom to homework.

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by GL | 7/10/2023