5 liquid eyeshadows for a quick glam moment

When you're in a rush but still looking for a slay, might we present liquid eyeshadow? These sparkly specialties are gorgeous if you're looking for a bold look without having to blend a million powders. Instead, you can swipe 'em on and blend with a finger for a five-minute look. Here's a few of our faves to add to your holiday makeup bag ASAP...

Neutral glitter shades from One/Size

This shimmery liquid eyeshadow from One/Size is perfect if you're dipping your toe into bolder eyeshadow looks. These shades stay in a natural realm but have a gorgeous shimmer that will help your look stand out.

Pro tip: Be sure to use your ring finger to blend, as it is the weakest on your hand. The skin around your eyes is super thin—so it's important to be gentle!

Eye Popper Sparkle Vision Liquid Eyeshadow, One/Size, $24

Holographic glitter shades from ColourPop

ColourPop is an OG brand choice—so it's no surprise why we hear this chrome shadow. A fun touch: These colors shift in the light and have a multi-dimensional finish. The next time you're looking to add some spice and color to your look, these metallic shades are a great addition to your routine.

Chrome Liquid Eyeshadow, ColourPop, $12

Warm satin finish shades Rare Beauty

For those looking for more subtle look rather than a shimmery finish, these warm liquid eyeshadow colors from Rare Beauty are another good option. These dreamy pink and orange-toned shades are a whole Lover-inspired vibe.

These liquid eyeshadows start as a liquid and then dry into a satin finish. They can stand great on their own and be layered if you're looking for a stronger color or more dimension. 

Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow, Rare Beauty, $20

Bold glitter shades from NYX

Glitter and color lovers, look no further. These bold liquid eyeshadows from NYX are perfect for your next pop-off moment. With the widest range of colors, these are perfect when you're looking for that one niche shade that you've been craving.

Whether you're putting together a monochromatic look and need one specific shade or you're just looking for a more neutral but glittery tone, these are perfect. Paired with a winged eyeliner, these eyeshadows are great to have in your repertoire. 

Ultimate Glow Shots Liquid Eyeshadow, NYX, $11

Long-lasting bright colors from Trixie Cosmetics

This collection from Trixie Mattel has the ultimate glittery, bright colors if you're looking for a long-lasting look. These deep, colorful shades are stunning for your next party with your besties or the next time you're invited to a formal event. Especially if you're planning to wear a more neutral-toned outfit, these are a great way to add another element to your glam.

Stay The Night Shimmer Topper, Trixie Cosmetics, $18

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Top image: @glam.byrosh
Slider image: @alefehr


by Madelyn Willoughby | 12/7/2023