Everything you need to know about skincare smoothies

We can confirm: A flawless skincare routine is *in* for 2024. But when you're running late for school and first period starts in t-minus 30 minutes, going through your full GRWM isn't the most practical option.

No need to stress about missing the bus anymore—a new TikTok trend is here to save the day. Behold the skincare smoothie, aka a homemade blend of your holy grail products.

This technique involves combining a pump of each of your fave skincare items on the back of your hand, on your palm or on the base of the product bottle. The result? A super easy application (with all the complexion benefits) that takes wayyyy less time than a full routine.

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How to make a skincare smoothie

Think of your skincare smoothie the same way you'd make an actual smoothie: You want all the yummy, healthy ingredients to make you feel brighter, more awake, refreshed and at your best.

Start simple with a good moisturizer and some glow drops to enhance your complexion—then add more ingredients (like hyaluronic acid or vitamin C serum) after you see how your skin reacts.

When creating your skincare smoothie, always be cautious when mixing ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin. (Pro tip: Retinol creams are a bit too strong for this routine, so save those for solo applications.) 

FYI, you can check out Drunk Elephant's smoothie glossary to find a combo that works for your skin.

Our fave skincare smoothies

The Saie Glowy Super Gel can be mixed with any moisturizer and/or hyaluronic acid serum to create a bronzy base for your makeup look. Try mixing this gel with the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream to keep your skin moisturized and sunkissed.

The Bubble Slam Dunk Moisturizer (plus with a few drops of The Ordinary's 2% hyaluronic acid serum) can help reduce acne and keep your skin hydrated. (Psst: The pump on the Bubble moisturizer also makes the perfect palette for your smoothie mixing needs.) Want a glow boost? Add a pump of the Glossier Futuredew Serum to leave your skin glossy and glistening.

For a simple and clean look, the Sephora Super Glow Serum paired with the Sephora Nourishing Moisturizer leaves skin naturally dewy. It's a great pairing if you're not feeling particularly bronzy but still want to nourish your skin.

Happy mixing, babes!

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by Sophie LaBella | 1/22/2024