Trends we heart: 15 grunge love ballad pieces


Grunge is back with a whole new sound. We’ve toned down the angst (just a smidge) and amped up the romance. To nail the ‘90s revival look, just mix and match these pieces for a very modern remix.


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  • 1grunge.jpg

    In Bloom

    These aren’t your springtime garden-variety prints. Pick a dark motif that would make Cher Horowitz and Elaine Benes proud.

    Sweet Floral Overall Dress, $23,

  • 2grunge.jpg

    In Bloom

    Jersey Skirt, $18,

  • 3grunge.jpg

    In Bloom

    Second Chances Floral Dress, $35,

  • 4grunge.jpg

    Soft spot

    Hold off on the crisp rockabilly dots. For a ‘90s—not ‘50s—look, opt for spots that are a li’l rough around the edges. Even better: pieces already paired with other prints.

    Open-Front Polka Dot Cardigan, $33,

  • 5grunge.jpg

    Soft spot

    With Love From CA Plaid Polka Dot Scarf, $17,

  • 6grunge.jpg

    Soft spot

    Restless Dreams Blouse, $58,

  • 7grunge.jpg

    Smells like army green spirit

    There’s only one rule with cargo jackets: the baggier, the better. Balance it out with a fitted dress or tee-and-skirt combo underneath.

    Urban Central Jacket, $46,

  • 8grunge.jpg

    Smells like army green spirit

    Military-Inspired Utility Jacket, $32,

  • 9grunge.jpg

    Smells like army green spirit

    Shirt Jacket with Gold Detail, $30,

  • 10grunge.jpg

    Seattle sound off

    Grunge sets its roots in military footwear. Soften ‘em up with femme elements, like lace, floral or streamline heels.

    Must-Have Combat Boots, $37,

  • 11grunge.jpg

    Seattle sound off

    Lace Trim Combat Boots, $40,

  • 12grunge.jpg

    Seattle sound off

    Bamboo Notch-02 Floral Print Military Lace Up Bootie, $26,

  • 13grunge.jpg

    Beanie babes

    Top off your get-up with a beanie for a “come as you are” vibe. One rockin’ the ‘90s motto definitely doesn’t hurt.

    Whatever Beanie, $13,

  • 14grunge.jpg

    Beanie babes

    Striped Beanie, $7,

  • 15grunge.jpg

    Beanie babes

    Heart Studded Beanie, $18,

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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016