PROJECT RUNWAY: Hooray For Sportswear!

Last night’s Project Runway eppy was good ol’ fashion fun, full of old-fashioned kinda confusing outfits. The designers trotted off the Armory Track and Field center, where Olympic speed skater (and Dancing with the Stars dude) Apolo Ohno ‘bladed over to brief them on the day’s events.

The Challenge: Design an outfit for the U.S. Olympic team to wear during the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Games. Thought: Is it just me, or did anyone feel like the folks at PR wanted an actual athlete to wear the getup and just couldn’t nab one? I mean, it was perfect timing with the games…couldn’t they FedEx the winning look to Shawn Johnson?!
I kinda loved when everyone was bustin’ on Blayne for not being able to go tanning—that boy is ca-razy orange (and fading by the minute!). Despite his annoying attempt to coin one-liners, I cracked up when uttered, “In tanning, I’m an Olympic athlete.”
Tim told him his look was rather “Sgt. Pepper” and we learned Mr. Tanorexic knows nothing about the Beatles. Sigh. The crew got wayy serious, and kept whining about Kenley’s laugh. Please, it’s fashion—why be so buttoned up about it?

The models flounced down the runway and, as we learned in the workroom, these kids don’t know anything about athletics. Lotsa the looks were really cute but, hello! not Olympic at all. Kenley and Jerell had well-made pieces but so didn’t fit the challenge. That hat? More Gone with the Wind than runnin’ like the wind.

I was shocked that Stella’s leathah, gothtastic jumpsuit wasn’t in the bottom three. Really, judges? She made like Apolo and skated by this week, but I hope she doesn’t last another. Joe concocted an off-kilter skort (shudders) that Kors and Co. didn’t hate—but I did.

Korto’s cool high-waisted linen number, complete with cropped vest, was given the gold. I liked Terri’s look, too, but it kinda smushed her model’s boobs. That left Daniel’s possibly-purple dress and Jennifer’s boring skirt ‘n’ jacket combo trailing behind.  And we know ignoring the challenge def won’t cut it in Heidi’s house.

In the end, we bade Jennifer buh-bye. While I loved her swingy separates, I never quite got her self-proclaimed “Holly Golightly attends a Salvador Dali exhibit” aesthetic. Sorry, not-so-surrealist sister. At least now we’ll know who the heck Leann is…cause they were total twin town, right? Check back next week, when it’s back to the workroom and, much to Blayne’s dismay, not the tanning bed. 

Katie A.

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8/7/2008 2:54:00 PM