PROJECT RUNWAY: Welcome to the Jungle

I’m baaack and I brought a prezzie in the size and shape of last night’s PR recap! Did ya girlies number one, miss me? And number two, get a chance to tune in?

With all that went down last night, let’s just cut to the chase and get straight to the challenge. As the designers met Heidi on the runway, she announced that contestants would be designing a look for a high-powered professional businesswoman. To find out who this woman would be, we met up with Tim in the workroom. There was an array of guesses from Sharon Osbourne to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Eek! Could you imagine?!

Luckily for designers, and us, it was tada! Brooke Shields. Here we learned more deets about the challenge: The look would not just be for any woman, but sorta a faux woman—Brooke’s character Wendy Healy from her hit series Lipstick Jungle. Oh but it didn’t end there. When creating the look that would carry her TV Land alias from day to night, designers would have to team up and work in pairs. Once Tim dropped the bomb that designers would have to be working together, everyone’s face went from euphoria to dysphoria. Loves it!

After a half an hour sketch and presentation to Brooke, she selected the chosen six: Keith, Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri and with a little trepidation, Blayne. To determine the happy couples, Tim brought out THE sac. Ya know, Heidi’s weird (velvet I think it is) sac that reminds you of a Shakespearean play. Blayne got first pick and chose Leann, followed by Keith’s pick Kenley, Terri and Suede, Korto and Joe, Kelli and Daniel, and lastly Jerell with Stella. It was really sad when Stella got snubbed by her BFF Kelli and was picked last.

Right off the bat, the teams seemed to bump heads. Kenley and Keith were fighting over fabric choices at Mood while Mr. High-End Daniel snubbed his nose at Kelli’s cheap choices.

Back at the workroom, Tim announced that there would be no immunity for this challenge. “The win is big enough,” I believe were his exact words. But on the upside, the winning garment would actually be worn by Brooke (Wendy Healy) on Lipstick Jungle.

With the added pressure, it wasn’t surprising that the tension between teams elevated. Kenley still could not help but express her “honest opinion” which was a huge dislike for Keith’s “South Beach-cheesy” fabric. And Suede had a kinda odd freak out moment for fear he would ruin Terri’s top. Terri whipped him back to shape in no time though, telling him to man up. She ain’t no babysitter, boyfriend. Snappity snap! 

Kelli and Daniel too weren’t without drama when Big D made a crooked skirt that left Kelli anything but happy. And even Korto and Joe had a drama-mama moment when Joe’s true feelings for Korto’s top came out after Tim made his rounds. The only couple that seemed to hit it off was Jerell and Stella. That’s irony for ya.

Cue lights and models!

 Top 2: Jerell and Stella; Keith and Kenley



I do not know what the judges were thinking on this one. Yes, I loved Jerell’s piece. And when Brooke expressed her concerns about too much look, I was so happy that Heidi shot her down with her difference in opinion. I totally thought the whole thing worked. BUT! Keith and Kenley? What? Seriously? No way! From the empire waist down, it looked like fish scales, brown fish scales!


Just 'cause I love them: Korto and Joe; Terri and Suede

I have to say, Korto and Terri seem to be my personal faves so far. What can I say, they totally deliver week after week with such great designs. I totally thought that one of them should have been in the top 2 (preferably Terri).


Bottom 2: Blayne and Leann; Kelli and Daniel

The judges thought Kelli’s garment looked cheap and Nina questioned her taste level. When judges asked the duo who should go home, Kelli threw her partner under the bus saying that he has yet to do anything great. True mami. In his defense, Daniel went on a spiel about his impeccable taste that threw Kenley into a fit of giggles. Kenley is, for lack of better words, not nice. I ain’t feelin’ this chick-a-dee.

Nina reproached Blayne for not listening to the challenge and Brooke stated that it was all casual and no sophistication. Heidi even went as far as to say the model looked like “a woman who didn’t have a mirror.” But unlike his peer, Blayne didn’t knock Leann and took full responsibility. Good boy. Ok, now call me crazy, but I really liked Blayne’s outfit. Did it fit the challenge? No. But would I rock it? Yea I would. 

When it came to decision time, Kelli inevitably got the German send off. Peace out, homegirl! And Keith was announced the challenge winner! Huh? Do you think Keith should have won this challenge?

Next week, the eccentric Season 4 contestant Chris is back. And with him he brings his pose of drag queens. Tim says that it will be the most fabulous show on Project Runway ever. That’s a hefty statement Tim; tune in to see if he’s right.

Bear hugs,

8/14/2008 2:55:00 PM