It’s that time again. Yup, that’s right, Project Runway dish sesh! Get a load of what went down last night on the catwalk. If ya tuned in last week, ya knew what was coming. But even still, were you totally prepared for what was in store? Oh deary me.

Chris March, our Season 4 cuddle bug, hit off the show in an over-the-top Viking costume complete with goldie-locks and disco boobs? Eek. This week’s challenge was all about taking costume-crazy to the next level.

The Challenge: Design an outfit for a drag queen on a budget of $200. Designers will get 30 minutes to chat it up with their clients and must capture each queen’s persona in their garments. They had 2 full days and immunity was back. Regardless of the winnings, each garment would be auctioned off for charity. Good deal!

Mood March: After a short and sweet meet with the fabulous lotta-women ladies, designers headed off to Mood to make their purchases. Leann opted for a futuristic design while Daniel went Flamenco and Stella promised grommets—shocking! A sneak attack peek into designer’s totes and we saw an explosion of neon. Neon pink, neon green, neon, neon, neon. A second favorite? A tough tie between feathers and sequins! And let’s not forget the fake boobs. Every girl needs a spare pair.

As designers were hard at work, Mr. Gunn pops in for a surprise visit with…men? Ya know it’s so funny because when the Queens were dolled up in full costume, I thought nothing of it. But seeing them march in one-by-one looking so normal and well, manly, totally caught me off guard. Aah the power of makeup!

Now we all know, a prerequisite for drag means ya gotta have the ‘tude to match. And oh boy did these ladies voice their opinions. A stand out was Suede’s client, the lovely lettuce head, or was it head of lettuce? Well anyway, the veg vixen took one look at Suede’s gloves and flat out called him lazy! Oh no, girlfriend did not?! But don’t think Suede couldn’t handle his own. His retaliation? Behind the back name-calling dubbing her Queen of Soggy Lettuce.

For his usual rounds, our snuggle bear Chris accompanied Tim. Both were a little worried about the plainness of Daniel’s look, but Mr. Thang did not care. What is with the sass, Daniel? They’re only tryin’ to help ya out. After his encounter with Blayne’s garment, Tim compared his look to a “pterodactyl at a gay Jurassic Park.” Which unlike his previous peer, he took as a compliment. Oh Blayne-licious what are we going to do with you?

Top 3: Korto, Terri and Joe

Once again, Korto and Terri made it into the top 3. Now this may be a bit presumptuous, but I’m totally predicting they will be in the finale. Korto went all out with her interpretation of fire and won over this week’s guest judge, the queen of drag RuPaul. Terri wasn’t too shabby with her super samurai look. But in the end, Joe and his damsel, Ann Margaret was announced the challenge winner. I’m leavin’ it up to you ladies to chime in with your critiques. Who did you like best?

And just because I love the Jetson’s…voila, Leanne!

Bottom 3: Keith, Jerell and Daniel

In the bottom were yet again Daniel and Keith. It feels like Daniel has practically set up camp being in the bottom. MK referred to Keith’s drag as a sad chicken. Caution: Similes, metaphors and analogies heard on PR should not be used as guidelines when studying or taking the SATs. I’m totally with the judges. Daniel’s look was too plain and Keith reminded me of a cross between a vulture and Cruella.

And finally, the drawn out took-way-to-long boot sent Daniel packin’. Do you agree with the judges? Should Keith have left?

Next week a whole lotta something is going on. I thiiink it’s gonna be another challenge using totally unconventional materials. Tune in and catch me next Thursday!

Love, love and more love,

8/21/2008 2:50:00 PM