WIN! We found the *perfect* jacket for your sign

Get ready for #coldgirlwinter because it's officially coat szn. We're here for the puffiest, coziest, most fashionable lewks around. 

Ready to find your *perfect* coat? The stars have your most stellar, snowy style on lock. 

Keep reading to see your sign's fab pick—and to find out how you can win your fave look! 


You command any room with your intelligence and intensity. Equally attention-getting? Animal prints, which are *everything* this season. This posh parka is purr-fect for you because it's always your moment to stand out and shine.

JouJou, $69


Girl, you are glowing with positive energy—and people can't help but be drawn to you. Stay true to your bright-but-sweet vibe in a trendy teddy bear jacket. Pair it perfectly with your fave jeans or don it over a dress, because the snuggle is real. 

JouJou, $59


Cap always appreciates a classic, so this plaid, tailored coat is so smart for those chilly, windy days. Extra style points for layering it over black leather leggings and a sleek turtleneck (so practical yet super chic!). 

JouJou, $69


You're sharp, strong and here to slay—so own your boss-babe vibe in a black suede moto jacket. While you can keep it cool with denim, speak to your independent air sign by layering it over a blue turtleneck then adding a silver sequin skirt and white boots. Play auditions? First date? You've got this.

JouJou, $69


You exude confidence, but on the inside you're soft and sensitive. Get a jacket to match your dynamic-yet-reflective aura with this amaze, Sherpa-lined plaid moto. It'll give you the extra boost you need as you gear up for that big debate club presentation or confess your true feelings to your crush.

JouJou, $74


Say thank u, next to your old coat, because this smart and sporty jacket is your new go-to. The perfect pumpkin corduroy goes with just about anything in your closet, while the polished cut matches your strong-willed personality. Big dreams? They're yours for the taking.

JouJou, $59


Functional and fashionable? That's *so* you. Whether you're headed to school or a New Year's Eve soirée, you're guaranteed to stay comfy and cute in this army green fur trim hoodie. Bonus: it goes with your true-blue denim and your sparkliest dress.

JouJou, $59


Embrace the winter months with a soft, cozy jacket that just gets you. The beige faux fur will keep you looking adorable and fashionable, whether you dress it up with a black skirt and tights—or keep it low-key with your fave jeans. Then get to know your inner Gemini twin (hint: she's also fabulous) and try it in pink! 

JouJou, $69


You're always on the go, so zip from volleyball practice to babysitting gigs to study seshes in this versatile style (timesaver: you won't even need to pack a scarf with this zippered gray coat and fuzzy collar). Because there's *no* time to waste when you're prepping for a bright future.

JouJou, $69


You're a natural beauty (inside and out) with a laid-back attitude, so keep things chill in this crisp moto coat. Throw it on and you're ready to grab oat-milk lattes with the crew. Paired with black leggings, gold jewelry and ankle boots? Love that for you.

JouJou, $69


You're not the type to follow trends—instead, you do your own thing with pride. *Everyone* wants to know your secret to staying so authentically you. Hint: It's easy as ABC (always be classic). Rain, snow or shine, you're ready to rock the day your way in this sleek, black belted jacket.

JouJou, $69


Everyone knows you're a *little* bit extra. Let your outside match your (fabulous) inside with a chic, cuddly, cropped cheetah print jacket. The world is your runway but, at the end of the day, there's nothing better than the couch and a Christmas movie marathon.

JouJou, $69

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by GL | 11/18/2019