Where to find *all* the quirky earrings Claudia wears in The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitter's Club premiered on Netflix earlier this month and we're already obsessed. As a fan of the original book series, I was thrilled to see the club's girl power and sisterhood play out on the screen. However, the real scene-stealer is definitely Claudia Kishi's quirky earring collection. If binge-watching the series left you re-evaluating your jewelry box, don't fear. We've found almost *perfect* replicas of Claudia's adorable accessories—all on a babysitter's budget!

Wild Watermelon

These watermelon drop earrings are the perfect summer accessory. They'll make even the most basic ponytail look barbeque ready. Amazon, $9

Facial Feature

Über chic abstract face earrings like these are made for an artsy gal like Claudia. SHEIN, $2

Lovely Lemons

Pair these lemon earrings with your fave bikini and an ice-cold lemonade for the perfect summer Insta post. SHEIN, $4

Pretty Pineapples

No-fuss pineapple studs are perfect for a family game of volleyball or a day of crafting. Claire's, $5

Sassy Shells

Make a statement with these pastel clam-shell earrings! Make them stand out with a neutral outfit, or pile on the prints for a Claudia approved look. Etsy, $16

Flirty Flowers

Floral studs are a summertime staple. Dress them up with a breezy sundress or style them with your comfiest pair of overalls. SHEIN, $3

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by Elise G. Esquibel | 7/22/2020