Meet The Royal Twins, the world's youngest fashion icons

Getting noticed by celebs like Kim Kardashian is just part of a regular day for The Royal Twins. After all, they’ve been setting trends since they were in pre-school. Nine-year-old sisters Bella & Chloe are among the world’s *youngest* fashion influencers. Between posting fabulous #ootds on Insta, the twins found time to chat with GL for an exclusive interview. Read on to learn about Bella & Chloe’s new single, their fashion icons and why they love being twins.

Girls’ Life: You guys have worn lots of fashionable outfits. Which of the looks was your favorite?

Bella: The pink peacock costumes we wore! And I also liked the Chanel outfits. We wore them on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Chloe: I think my top favorite is the Chanel bag outfit, but also our Halloween costumes. One year, we were Barbies, and our mom made these cute Barbie boxes. It was adorable.

GL: Who are your personal fashion icons?

C: I think my personal idol would be Elton John. His outfits match with his songs—just like us, except he matches with the music. 

B: And my idol, I would say, is Coco Chanel. I love how she created Chanel. All her outfits are beautiful. I love wearing her Chanel fashion and handbags. She was very talented at designing.

GL: How would you guys describe your personal style?

B: Chloe’s more sporty. She loves playing basketball.

C: Yeah, I love playing tennis, too. 

B: I’m more of a preppy type because I love doing my schoolwork, especially math.

GL: You recently dropped your first single, “Have Fun”. Can you tell me what inspired you to make that song?

C: We created “Have Fun” to persuade people to always have fun, and when they’re sad, to always get up. To be positive, happy, and joyful.

B: We recorded this song with Andrew Lane.

C: Yeah, Andrew Lane’s a great person. He helped with tons of musicals and movies. He’s a very nice, kind person.

B: And he’s very talented.

GL: You guys have had the chance to meet some iconic celebs in person. Who were you most excited to meet?

C: One of our favorites was when we were at the LOL Dolls fashion show, and we got to model with Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West. It was so fun meeting her and getting to be a part of a fashion show.

B: Mine was Heidi Klum. She was really nice to me, and she’s one of the best supermodels that I’ve ever met. We both love fashion!

GL: Do you guys have any pets?

B: We have two dogs. They’re poodles. One is a standard poodle, one’s a toy poodle. 

C: Our toy poodle, his name is Cookie. He’s really small, and he’s a bit fesity, but he’s nice. Our big dog, the standard poodle, is named Paris. Our mom named him after Paris because she loves the city. 

GL: What would you say is the best part about being a twin?

B: Mine is always having someone to be with and to tell secrets to. And when I’m sad, she cheers me up. She’s my only BFF.

C: Yeah, and I think if you have a sister or a brother, they’re the only BFF you need. Having a twin, we get to talk at night, and we love playing with each other. If I was an only child, I wouldn’t like it because I would be lonely without Bella.

You can see more of The Royal Twins' awesome outfits on their Instagram @theroyaltwins. Plus, listen to their new single, "Have Fun", here.


by Bailey Bujnosek | 1/11/2021