Match your fave influencers with these cute phone cases

Our *fave* TikTokers, YouTubers and A-list celebs take the coolest mirror pics for IG with their super cute phone cases. And we've been dying to know where to get them so we can take some sick mirror pics, and have a fun new phone accessory to twin with our fave stars. 

The search is over! Here is a round-up of phone cases you can buy rn to match your *fave* celebs!


Wildflower is a *very* popular brand among young influences. It features cute, unique and artsy phone cases. There is a huge variety to choose from on their site and they even have collabs with YouTubers like Emma Chamberlain, Jordyn Jones and Hannah Meloche.

Bauble Bar


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These monogram cases from Bauble Bar are *totes* worth the price tag. They're one of a kind and will for sure up your selfie game. 



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If you have a case from Casetify you're totally bound to have the same one as an influencer. Casetify is known for its reflective mirror cases, plane ticket style and receipts. People *love* how original their cases are which is why they're so popular. 



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If you're looking for that cute minimalistic initial design for your phone case, Maisondesabre is def the way to go. 


Apple phone cases are chic, protective and they charge your phone as a plus. We all have that problem with our batteries running low, so with this Apple phone case, you'll never have to worry about that ever again. 

slider image: @addisonrae

Which of these trendy phone cases are you going to buy? Let us know by tagging at girlslifemag!


by Hayley Miller | 3/19/2021