How to steal Linh Truong’s colorful vintage style

Linh Truong is your next style icon. With colorful, creative videos filled with artful shots and *adorable* vintage outfits, Linh has perfected her aesthetic. Whether you want to fully emulate her style or just admire her stunning looks, this guide is for you. You can find most of these pieces new, but try looking at your local thrift stores or Depop for that genuine retro flair. P.S. Make sure to check out Linh's channel for self-care/study/lifestyle inspo.

1. Green machine

Cardigan via Madewell, $54.99 | Pants via Princess Polly, $57 | Shoes via Doc Martens, $140

This is a perfect example of layering basics with a statement piece to create a balanced yet unique outfit. Some funky checkered pants (or any bold pants, really) matched with a simple white top and black accessories are a must! Try thrifting a leather jacket instead of buying one new—most second-hand shops will have at least a few. 

2. Parisian cool

Skirt via LA Apparel, $50 | Heels via Pretty Little Thing, $38 | Hat via Urban Outfitters, $24 | Turtleneck via Banana Republic, $58.99

We love pairing camel and creme. Wear this outfit and pretend you're sitting in a quiet French cafe drinking chocolat chaud. Similar to the Green machine, look in secondhand stores for the jacket (or an oversized shirt). You can also change the beige to any other color that makes you feel confident.

3. That 70s girl

 Jacket via Princess Polly, $73 | Pants via Zara, $49.90 | Shoes via Doc Martens, $140

She's at it again, this time with *two* statement pieces. This look works because the jacket is neutral and coordinates with the shoes and shirt, while the pants are colorful. You don't have to match the color scheme completely, but the orange channels a 70s vibe.

4. House of Sunny

Dress via House of Sunny, $138 | Purse via Urban Outfitters, $39

Ah, the classic House of Sunny dress. It's a trendy, cute and versatile piece that makes it seem like you really tried on your outfit. You can wear the dress with a pastel bag to both school or a formal event. The blue Nikes are for sale from independent artists online, but you can always DIY them! 

5. Graphic blue

Cardigan via Sanrense, $30 | Shirt via Atsuko, $22.40 | Pants via Big Bud Press, $60

The theme here is monochrome. While outfits with identical color tones are valid, mixing lighter and darker shades is key to a unique look. You can use any graphic tee, blue jeans and quirky sweater with matching accessories to replicate the comic-book look. 

6. Cottagecore

Two-piece via Showpo, $28 | Bag via Urban Outfitters, $39

This may not be an exact dupe, but this two-piece is similar to the one from Reformation. It's perfect for a night out, homecoming or a dinner with friends. Tip: match your bag and your shoes for an outfit that's so coordinated, the world won't be ready.

7. Cotton candy

Jacket via Dollskill, $20 | Sweater via Honey Bunny Fashion, $50.99 | Skirt via LA Apparel, $50

Pink is the name of the game with this last look. Beige goes with *most* colors, so when in doubt, style it with vibrant pieces. Spruce it up with dainty jewelry and layers for cooler nights. Finally, throw on your coziest rainbow sweater for a cotton candy cute vibe.

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All original outfit images via @withlovelinh | GIF via GIPHY


by Julieanne Larick | 8/23/2021