5 winter hair accessories you need this season

Winter may bring days of endless static and dry strands, but you also get cute hair accessories that help tackle all your winter hair issues. Whether it's a headband to push back unruly bangs or a cozy hat to hide a frizzy hair day, these accessories will have you looking ah-mazing for the rest of this szn. Some will help keep you warm, while others are just too cute not to wear.


Shein fuzzy headband set, $6

Time to put a winter twist on your go-to headbands from the warmer seasons. Easily keep your hair in place with a fuzzy headband on those windy winter days. Pair it with a simple outfit for a casual vibe, or go for a preppy lewk with a skirt and a sweater.

Claw clips

Urban Outfitters fuzzy claw clip, $12

Claw clips are basically an essential at this point—and they only keep getting upgrades every season. The fuzzy texture of this clip gives off that cozy winter aesthetic, while looking oh-so-cute in your hair. Plus, there are endless ways to style your hair with a claw clip (we're sure you've seen some on TikTok).

Hair clips

Emery Rose plush heart clips, $3

How adorable are these clips? Not only are they cute, but they're a super simple way to clip back those bangs you're trying to grow out rn. These can easily be the pop of color in your neutral fits or complement your sweater for a super cute look. 


Emery Rose 5pc fluffy scrunchies, $2

These fluffy scrunchies are perfect for those days when your hair is refusing to stay put—or when you feel like wearing a ponytail or bun. They add a little dose of cozy to your look for all the winter vibes.

Bucket hats

H&M bucket hat, $17.99

Lastly, we've got a fuzzy bucket hat that will keep you *so* warm and on-trend. This hat is the perfect easy option for when you've given up trying to style your hair or when you want to add a fun piece to your look. 

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Slider image: @margot.lee
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by Alaina Cintron | 2/21/2022