PROJECT RUNWAY: Dum, dum, dee, dum…

The top four created collections for Fashion Week, but only three will actually make it to Bryant Park. Did you tune in to find out who was in and who was SO out?

Final Challenge: Designers had 2 months and $8,000 buckaroos to create 10 looks for NYFW. But PR just wouldn’t be PR with at least one surprise challenge. Miss Super Mo announced that designers would also have to create a wedding dress inspired by their line. This dress would be the IT look that decides their future fates. I love anything wedding! I was so excited when this challenged popped up, but, er, I think I was the only one judging by the doom-gloom faces on each contestant.

The gang minus Kenley had one last farewell before getting into their respective cabbies (which I think was staged BTW). Kenley with her “stanky” ‘tude hit the road without even looking back.

Home Sweet Home: A few weeks before D-day, Tim made his rounds and visited each designer at their home. I always love this part of PR. It’s so nice to actually see where all the designers are from and their fam, dontcha think?

First up, was Korto from Little Rock. On arrival, she told Tim her inspiration came from her culture and nature. Tim loved the beadwork and her color palette. After a few more critiques, Korto took Tim to her house to meet her A-dorable daughter and fam. She also gave Tim a little surprise by showin’ off her drumming skills. While Tim admired, Bravo proceeded to tell Korto’s tear-jerking childhood to the backdrop of the beats.

After we all blotted our eyes, we met my personal fave, Leanne in Portland. Did anyone else think, “Wow, Leanne and her BF are both really pale?” Do they not enjoy sunshine? Moving on, Leanne’s inspiration came from waves, and no surprise, I already loved the small glimpse that we got into her collection. And in true too-cute, ballerina fashion, she took Tim on a bike ride. Haha, oh Tim!
Next in line was crazy Jerell from Los Angeles. One look at Jerell’s numbers and Tim had to be honest and said that Jerell needed some major editing. I agreed. What was up with the top-to-bottom beading. Hola senior, no me gusto gaudy, old lady.

And last, the girl that we all love to hate, Kenley in Brooklyn. Okay Bravo, from Korto’s childhood tales to Jerell’s moving piece on his father to Kenley’s grandmother...really? A girl can only handle so many breakdowns.

I hate to say it, but one look at Kenley’s wedding dress and I actually liked her collection! Why?! Why?! Aren’t the villains supposed to get what’s coming to them? Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, she actually painted her own fabrics.

6 days until Fashion Week: Back in NYC, Korto and Leanne were first to meet and hugged it out. With Jerell to complete the pack, they seemed like one big happy family until Kenley walked through the doors. Silence. She received a very cold welcome, especially from the girls.

3 days until Fashion Week: Tim busted in with one more challenge! Designers would now have to design a bridesmaid dress to accompany their wedding dress. Eek! I was in heaven! More wedding stuff! They got a Benjamin and a Jackson and one day to complete the look. Ya know, it’s really amazing how these designers can just pump out GOWNS in one flippin’ day!
Leanimal's collection received high marks from all around. Everyone loved her looks, especially moi! What did you think?
Jerell's looks were not as warmly welcomed. Nina thought it looked "dirty" and Heidi chimed in with "a bit messy." But MK hit it when he said that Jerell just went "hog wild."
Kenley was another favorite for the night. MK and Nina both agreed that it was a little Alexander McQueen, but that overall it was done beautifully. Heidi even went as far as to say it was "crazy good." Ugh, whatever! I loved it too! Karma, I'm losing faith in you!
Korto's looks were sadly in the bottom two. MK thought her wedding dress was overworked while her bridesmaid dress was underworked. I don't know what Korto was thinking. That dress did not even whisper wedding. And who uses khaki colors for bridalwear?

And the three are…Leanne, Kenley and Korto! Gooo girl power! Poor Jerell made it this far, but was sent packin'. Why was Jerell hatin’ on MK in his final interview? Unnecessary! Don't be bitter. No one likes a sore loser, Jerell.
Next week is it! The top 3 show at Fashion Week. Be there or be so very unfashionably late. 

Bear Hugs,
10/9/2008 1:35:00 PM