A ranking of Harry Styles' Love on Tour outfits

Harry Styles has given performance after performance, delivering vocals that stun crowds of thousands and playing hit song after hit song in some of the biggest stadiums during his Love on Tour. More than this, however, he has given such amazing performances in *style*. Here is a ranking of some of his best and most iconic outfits from Love on Tour.

8. Austin, Texas

@harrystyles by @lloyddddddddddddddddd

This look really steals the show every time you see it. With how vibrant and loud it is, you really can't look away! It's by far one of our fave looks of his and gives you a taste of the energy that comes from Love on Tour. 

7. Harryween, Madison Square Garden 

@harrystyles by @anthonypham

It's no surprise this look broke the internet. This fit was one of two "Harryween" looks, the other being Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and we can really see Harry's creative side shine. Harry Styles has never stayed away from bold outfits and certainly has not been one to shy away from a great Halloween look. When it comes to Halloween, or shall we say, Harryween, Harry does not disappoint.

6. New York City, New York

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If there's one thing about Harry Styles, it's that he *loves* outfits with cool prints and patterns, and striped looks are definitely a Harry Styles theme. You'll see a lot of outfits similar to this throughout the tour, but this look is by far one of the more eye-catching ones.

5. Vienna, Austria

@harrystyles by @anthonypham

While this look is on the less complex side (in the world of Harry Styles, that is), it's still one of our favorite looks of his. The shirt, with a bedazzled kiwi (a Harry Styles theme), matched with the checkered pants makes this look simple yet still very visually appealing. 

4. Berlin, Germany

@harrystyles by @anthonypham

Like we said, when it comes to fashion, Harry Styles loves patterns and prints. Everything from the silhouette of this look to the multiple different patterns makes this look very memorable. Go big or go home, right?!

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

@harrystyles by @anthonypham

Red is *truly* Harry's color. This look may seem recognizable, and that's because it's very similar to the outfit Harry wore on the cover of his second album, Fine Line. The difference is in the color scheme of each look, as this one utilizes different shades of red—as opposed to the pink and white cover fit. Either way, Harry absolutely slays this style!

2. St. Loius, Missouri

@harrystyles by @anthonypham

Like the previous look, this outfit takes on a very similar silhouette to his Fine Line cover fit but uses different color schemes. On top of that, can we have a moment to appreciate the jewelry? From the necklaces to the multiple rings on each finger, the jewelry and accessories really pull this look together!

1. Coachella 2022

@harrystyles by @anthonypham

Coachella marked a major career milestone for Harry Styles, as it was not only his first festival (!!), but also his first time headlining a major music festival. He did not disappoint performance-wise, but more importantly, his style stayed on point. A sparkly, multicolored jumpsuit, paired with the most ~extra~ coat makes this look impossible to look away from. 


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Slider image: @harrystyles by @anthonypham
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by Mina Rahmat | 11/10/2022