5 cute and cozy pajama essentials

Nothing is better than slipping on the coziest pair of pajamas and slippers after a hot shower. With the weather getting colder lately, it's especially important to stay warm—but why sacrifice cute if you don't have to? We've found five items that you need to keep cozy *and* cute this season.

1. A soft pair of slippers

These smiley face slippers are *so* cute! They come in multiple colors, and you can even wear them outside because of their rubber soles.

Altar'd State, $35

2. The comfiest robe

Nothing says staying cozy quite like a robe. Corgis + cozy = heart eyes. If you're looking to stay extra warm, then you absolutely need a cute robe. 

Amazon, $25

3. Matching PJs

Can a pajama set get any better than this? Stay warm and cute in this adorable fluffy set that all your friends will be asking to borrow.

Amazon, $40

4. Snuggly sweats

If you want a comfy + casual fit that doubles as athleisure, then a monochrome set is definitely for you. With so many colors and designs, there's a set for everyone!

Sweatpants: Levi's, $35

5. Sleep mask

To complete your cozy night in, a sleep mask is a necessity. We found this super cute mask made with silk. While you're sleeping, you'll stay cozy while keeping skin soft. 

Brooklinen, $25

What cozy item do you love the most?
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by Miriam Riley | 1/12/2023