Here's your Eras Tour outfit inspo for every Taylor Swift album

Eras Tour szn is upon us! On March 18, Taylor Swift will take the stage in Glendale, Ariz. If you were one of "The Lucky One[s]," and scored tickets, now you're faced with the question—what will you wear? With so many looks to choose from and things like practicality and uniqueness to consider, we've rounded up inspo from each era to fuel your outfit development. 

1. Taylor Swift 

For the Debut era, it's all about going back to those country music Your Eras outfit inspo is coming from the "Teardrops on My Guitar" music video. Grab a green dress, the curliest hair possible (use a 1/2" curling wand for the best results), cowgirl boots and your fave lip gloss. A must-have accessory for this look are rhinestones to top off your killer eyeshadow. The sparkle proves Tay was bejeweled even 16 years before Midnights came out.

2. Fearless


Harnessing the energy of the Fearless era is all about mixing the fairytale magic of "Love Story" and "White Horse" with the sparkly and metallic dresses from the original Fearless tour. Mix peasant blouses with sequin skirts, sparkly dresses with boots or whatever combo has you feeling like a "Superstar."

3. Speak Now

Before "Lavender Haze," there was "Speak Now" purple. It's the album's signature color, after all. Keep the sequin theme going in a purple sequin dress or explore the world of purple jumpsuits, rompers and matching sets. If you want to erase any confusion on what era you're aiming to represent, a purple halter dress just like the one Taylor wore on the Speak Now Tour and a big 13 painted on your hand (use non-toxic teal nail polish) will do the trick.

4. Red


The OG Red music videos have tons of outfit options, and when it comes to pulling an Eras look from there, "[We] Almost Do." Instead, though, we're inspired by Taylor's look from the 2021 Brit Awards that took place one month before Taylor announced Red (Taylor's Version). A matching minty crop top and skirt adorned with sequins and paired with her signature red lip? If they were handing out awards at the Eras tour, you'd win one.

5. 1989

Who can forget the cinematic masterpiece that was the "Wildest Dreams" music video? From the picturesque safari landscape to the heart-wrenching storyline, Taylor showed us that the Old Hollywood aesthetic never goes out of "Style." We specifically love her premiere look. Grab a rose gold glittery dress and a classy fur stole (or full fur coat—go big!) and give yourself some fab finger waves in your hair. Watch out for the paparazzi! 

6. reputation

Sure, Rep brought us a slew of edgy, black outfits and hooded bodysuits that totally captured the Mother of Snakes persona Taylor adopted during the era. With this aesthetic came some top-tier music vids, including "Delicate." For a reputation-themed tour outfit, we're leaning into the dance-like-nobody-is-watching vibe with a teal, fringe dress just like the one from "Delicate." Trust us, you'll be looking "Gorgeous."

7. Lover

There are so many ways to slay a Lover-themed look—all you really need is pink, flowers, hearts, glitter or butterflies. The Lover era gave us so many public-appearance outfits to choose from, but the Good Morning America look said, "Choose 'ME!'" and we said, "Absolutely." Grab a sheer pink button-up, black cropped tank or camisole and sparkly shorts and get ready to scream the "Death By A Thousand Cuts" bridge at the top of your lungs.

8. folklore


You're going to have "a marvelous time" at the concert, obvi, and your outfit has to match that energy. Our folklore inspo comes from another award show slay—this time from the 2021 Grammy Awards. We're talking about none other than Taylor's gorgeous Oscar de la Renta pressed flower dress. Bonus points if you style your hair in the folklore buns.

9. evermore

It's a lighthearted joke among Swifties that Taylor doesn't often display her love for evermore publicly, even though many fans find the lyricism of the album to be some of her best work. With only one music video for the whole album and public appearances that crossover with the folklore and Red (Taylor's Version) eras, we're drawing inspo from a song instead: "ivy." Wear whatever makes you comfortable, as long as it's green. Then, grab some fake vines from your fave craft store and go crazy. We're talking about wrapping them around your body, putting them in your hair, all the things.

10. Midnights


For Midnights, we're taking it back to that fateful night at the VMAs where the album was first announced. More specifically, we're drawing inspo from Taylor's after-party look. To recreate it, you'll need a navy silk dress and some adhesive stars (or get crafty and make your own). Grab any kind of puffy white jacket, sweater or coat, then paint on the showstopping red lip. The other Swifties are going to be calling you a style "Mastermind" all night.

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by Riley Yates | 3/14/2023