Check out these amaze alternatives to fast fashion

Fast fashion is so *not* trendy! The term "fast fashion" is used to describe the mass production of cheap clothing in order to keep up with recent trends. Unfortunately, this has caused significant problems for the Earth and the employees that make these clothes.

Although nobody is perfect, here are some ways to start shopping more sustainably and kick fast fashion to the curb!

Use what you already have

This is probably the most important step in upping your sustainable fashion game. You might feel like you need to completely revamp your wardrobe with sustainably made pieces, but the best thing you can do for the environment is to wear what you already have in your closet.

Textile waste is one of the many problems with fast fashion. So hold onto clothes that you have in your closet, even if they might be from fast fashion companies. Style old pieces into new looks and rock it, girl!

Shop sustainable brands

There are *so* many clothing companies dedicated to the sustainable and ethical production of clothes. Next time you're in need of a new shirt or pair of jeans, check out more eco-friendly brands. These high-quality pieces will not only be good for the environment and produced in fair conditions, but they will also last longer than cheaply made fast fashion items.

Not sure where to look? Brands such as Reformation, the Girlfriend Collective, Everlane and Patagonia are great stores to look at—or check out this eco-fashion guide for spring!

Shop secondhand

Macklemore wasn't wrong when he bragged about thrift shopping! Buying your clothing secondhand is *amazing* for your wallet and the Earth. Whether it's a local consignment store or online, there are tons of ways to thrift shop these days. 

Looking for specific pieces? Websites such as Poshmark, Depop or the RealReal allow you to online shop for certain brands, styles and sizes.

Host a clothing swap with your friends

Does your friend have a dress that you've been *dying* to try on? Swapping or borrowing clothes from your mom, sisters or friends is a great way to try out new pieces without having to buy new stuff.

Hosting a clothing swap also doubles as a bestie hang out—what's not to love? Check out this article about to how host your next BFF clothing swap!

Rent fancy clothes for important events

Going to prom? Attending a summer wedding? Don't break the bank on expensive looks! Renting clothes is an easy, sustainable and affordable way to wear fancy items for a one-time event. 

Websites such as Rent the Runway or Stitch Fix let you curate the look you want and ship it right to your house. This is the *perfect* way to try out a piece without the commitment (and expense) of buying!

How do you shop sustainably? Share your trendy, sustainable looks with us on Insta @girlslifemag!

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by Hannah Kennedy | 4/22/2023