7 outfits inspired by Kitty Song Covey

From adorable sweaters to trendy leather pants, Kitty's fits on XO, Kitty never fail to impress. We can *all* learn a thing or two about style from Kitty (aka an absolute fashion icon). Not sure where to look to dupe some of her outfits? You're in luck—because we have 7 ensembles inspired by Kitty right this way...

1. Neon bikini 


There's no doubt that the first scene of XO, Kitty is absolutely iconic, especially thanks to Kitty's bright 'n bold bathing suit. Check out this dupe from Amazon to look just as Insta-worthy as Kitty the next time you go to the pool or beach. And don't forget the adorable sunnies, obvi!

2. Sweater vest 


For a school-girl-chic vibe similar to Kitty's, we'd recommend a blue cable knit sweater layered with a white collared shirt. And to make it *really* pop? Kitty's yellow backpack = a must. 

3. Layered turtleneck 


Tbh, who *doesn't* adore a good quality turtleneck? And paired with a basic tank and absolutely iconic leather pants? You'll basically be a walking Pinterest board. 

4. Cozy cardigan


We *love* a cozy cardigan moment! And who said it has to be winter to wear one? We're absolutely obsessed with Kitty's layer choices. Black tank + cardigan + jeans = très chic.

5. Striped tee with jeans


The bright pop of color in this adorable tee is absolutely *everything*. And wearing that top with wide-leg jeans and black and white sneakers just elevates the fit even more!

6. Letterman jacket 


Tbh, you can't go wrong with a varsity sports-esque letterman jacket. Pair with a white tee and light-wash jeans for the perf sporty meets trendy outfit.

7. Fancy dress


Good news: just like Kitty, it *is* possible to turn heads at your next fancy event. Whether you have a school dance or a friend's party coming up, a dress like this is a must.

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Top image: @annacathcart
Slider image: @xokittynetflix


by Eva Mandelbaum | 7/20/2023