7 online dress boutiques for homecoming season

Now that the novelty of fresh school supplies and new class schedules has worn off, a new high school hyperfixation is upon us: homecoming. 

For high school students across the country, early autumn is defined by Friday night football games, spirit day challenges and of course, homecoming formals. Typically the culminating celebration of hoco week, the homecoming dance inspires girls everywhere to spend countless hours scrolling through colorful silhouettes in search of the perfect dress. But where do you *actually* find that perfect one?

Sites across the internet advertise trendy and affordable frocks, but these dresses often come from sketchy sources, arrive a little too late or are cheaply made. It may seem like the universe is stacked against you when searching for a dress with the ultimate "it" factor, but luckily, we're here to help.

We've scoured the internet for our fave online dress boutiques that are sure to save you some cash and some dress-shopping stress. These boutiques will make you feel like an absolute princess—without the royal price tag. 

Beginning Boutique 

An Aussie women-owned clothing business that specializes in trendy homecoming dresses? Sign us up. This online boutique is perfect for gals who like sassy, satin dresses with unique cuts. We're particularly obsessed with this gorgeous baby pink mini dress, which you can snag for just $60. 



OK, we'll be honest: Revolve isn't really a boutique—it's a formal dress superstore. But with hundreds of designer dresses ranging from ultra-affordable to ultra-fancy, we could spend allllll day browsing this hoco dress haven. You're sure to find a showstopper here. 

Revolve, $78

Prom Girl

If you're looking for the classic shimmer of a sequined homecoming dress, Prom Girl is, in fact, your girl. These styles are flirty, feminine and almost 100% guaranteed to make you shine on the dance floor. Cue the party playlist! 

Prom Girl, $49

Selfie Leslie

You're going to be taking *so* many cute TikTok transition vids in these dresses. We're not kidding either—Selfie Leslie has an absolutely viral lineup. We saw this floral number all over our FYPs this past year. Want something a little different (but still obsessed with that floral lining)? Check out this stunning muted yellow version. Brb, practicing our selfie smile. 

Selfie Leslie, $86

Altar'd State

You heard it here first—casual dresses are *in* this homecoming szn. Compared to the loud, sparkle-obsessed dresses of years' past, more dresses are leaning into monochromatic and simpler fabrics. For the gals who love all things flowy and fab, Altar'd State has the perf selection of low-key mini dresses. 

Altar'd State, $70

Hello Molly

Think of Hello Molly as your go-to fashionista BFF. She might not be a high-fashion expert, but always has styles in her back pocket, and will be there for you 24/7. We're obsessed with Hello Molly's brand consistency and ever-changing aesthetic. Their latest trend? Patterns. And we are soooo here for cute little polka-dots. 

Hello Molly, $72


Despite what the name may suggest, Peppermayo doesn't sell peppers, mayonnaise, seemingly ranch or any kind of food—just delicious dresses. Featuring cutting-edge trends and artsy patterns and silhouettes, Peppermayo serves high fashion on a budget. This delicately laced lemon-colored dress is a personal fave. 

Peppermayo, $60

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Top image: @beginningboutique
Slider image: @beginningboutique


by Laila Mayfield | 9/30/2023