Let your color analysis curate your school supplies

You spent the summer switching up your closet to match your power colors. Now, do the same thing with your locker, your backpack and your desk!

If you're a Winter...

Accordion Folder, $14, RunningBear. Backpack, $77, Steve Madden. Hairpin, $29, Kitsch. Paperclips, $6, Five Nine. Mug, $38, Corkcicle. Pen, $7, Paper Source. Speaker, $80, JBL. Lock, $16, Amazon. Pencil Case, $14, Out of Print. Hand Sanitizer Holder, $9, Bath & Body Works

The coldest season isn't all about black and gray. Saturated shades like deep berry, rich jewel tones (hellooo amethyst mug) plus blingy metallics will amp up your shine. 

If you're a Spring...

Desk Lamp, $89, Urban Outfitters. Scissors, $13, Jam Paper. Pens, $38 for the set, Poketo. Laptop case, $20, Typo. Mug, $16, Talking Out of Turn. Planner, $35, The Happy Planner. Washi Tape, $10 for 5, Typo. Candle, $26, Talking Out of Turn. Phone Stand, $12, Genuine Fred. Pin, $10, Out of Print

Give everyday essentials the "April showers bring May flowers" treatment your light and bright season lives for. Add a little whimsy with energizing colors like bubblegum, limeade, creamsicle and marigold. 

If you're a Summer...

Backpack, $75, Love Shack Fancy. Wireless Keyboard, $30, Typo. Candle, $39, Lustre. Sticky Notes, $8, Paper Source. Phone Case, $15, Typo. Phone Chain, $30, Case-Mate. Pin, $12, The Clever Clove. Journal, $6, Gartner Studios. Blue Light Glasses, $55, Quay. Wireless Mouse, $25, Elecom

Mentally, we're still at the beach—and pretty pastels, dusty purples and sunset shades are complicit. Tap into the most relaxing season of the year by picking a palette that keeps those warm-weather vibes going.

If you're an Autumn...

Camera, $120, Fujifilm. Highlighters, $14, Papier. Keychain, $18, Rifle Paper Co. Pens, $23, U Brands. Laptop Case, $40, Velvet Caviar. Notebook, $3, Gartner Studios. Planner, $37, Papier. Sticker Book, $15, The Happy Planner. Phone Charger, $10, Mtyxytm. Water Bottle, $28, Owala

Warm and cozy is the name of your game. You lean toward earthy tones that give all the fall feels á la pumpkin spice, emerald and olive greens, burgundy and mauve. You love a neutral that's somehow still deep and you. 

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by Erin Reimel | 9/15/2023