The best back-to-school squad itinerary

It's time to start hitting that snooze button every morning, because back-to-school season is approaching fast! We know, we don't like thinking about it either. But who said the fun ends with summer? There are *plenty* of ways to elevate your hangouts and keep things upbeat with your friends during the school year. Lucky for you, we planned the perfect squad itinerary for this back-to-school season. 

Early brekkie run


This school year, pull up to an early breakfast in PJs with your squad. Especially if you have a late start during the week, this is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in some much-needed downtime. Munching on delish French toast and pancakes before class? Count us in. Also, don't worry if a brekkie run sounds too involved for you—you can still shake things up by going on a quick morning coffee run instead.

To-go picnic for lunch


Okay, hear us out: picnic at school. Who said you had to pack your own lunch every day? Have each friend bring a little treat for everyone to share during lunchtime—it's the perfect to-go picnic! Without much individual effort, you'll have the best meal at school. Just imagine a gourmet assortment of sandwiches, fries, fruit salad and cookies for you and your squad during a midday breather. 

Study sesh


Did you know that group study sessions can actually enhance learning? Gather some friends after school for a study party. Prepare some snacks like protein balls or iced coffees for that after-school energy boost and get studying. Homework is *so* much less tedious when you make it a whole event (so extra, we know). 

Scrapbook memory boxes


Set up a date with your squad to make your own memory boxes for the year! You can paint and decorate them however you'd like, and throughout the school year, put in notes of your favorite memories or memorable objects like Polaroids or spirit-day accessories. At the end of the year, open it up for that bittersweet nostalgia. 

Flick it up


Lastly, have your squad invest in a disposable or vintage digital camera. Whether you find one at your local store or thrift shop, take turns using the camera each week or month to get the best candid photos. It's a great way to capture pure memories from football games, spirit weeks, dances, and just regular school-day shenanigans. If you're using a disposable camera, developing all the amaze photos from the school year will be srsly special. 

How does your squad enter back-to-school season? Share us your bestie activities with us on Instagram @girlslifemag!

Slider and top image: @gianina


by Anne Chen | 7/29/2023