The ultimate guide to digital cameras

There's a bit of a photographer in all of us. For you, that might mean never taking a bite of your brunch before sharing it to your Insta story first (photo advice for foodies here). Or maybe that means you and your squad are always planning your next Pinterest-worthy photo shoot at the beach. Whatever your photo-taking goals are, a digital camera is just what you need to capture the moment...and glow up that Instagram feed

If you're new to the photography biz, never fear! We've got everything you need to start you off on the right foot. All you need is an eye for natural beauty. Happy snapping!

Our camera recs

Dpityserensio 4K Digital Camera, $39

If you're looking for an upgraded alternative to taking casual, everyday pics with your phone, you might be looking for a simple option like this cam. Its small size makes it perfect for photographers on the go (hello, gorgeous travel shots).

Still obsessed with your Polaroid? Get the best of both worlds with this Kodak digital *and* print camera. Not only can you save pics to an SD card for posting on social media later, but you can also print pics on the fly. Share your cutest flicks with your besties on Insta or IRL—it's up to you!

For high-quality shots, you might want to invest in a camera that's a bit more professional, like this Canon Rebel. While these digital cameras are more expensive, you do get some bang for your buck. Quality 4K filming and a touch screen make taking magazine cover-worthy pictures almost *too* easy. 

Our tips & tricks


So you've found a digital camera you like...but how in the world do you use it? It might seem super complicated and tricky at first, but never fear, bc we've rounded up a few of our fave tips and tricks to become a pro photographer....

1. Hold your camera correctly. It may seem a little basic, but orienting your camera close to your body with both hands aligning the cam can minimize the likelihood of taking blurry pics. If you can't figure out how to get the clearest flicks just yet, try propping up your camera on a tripod, sidetable or chair for a simple self-timer shoot. 

2. Master the Exposure Triangle. This "triangle" of camera characteristics are considered key to taking high quality photos, as each characteristic is affected by another. There are three key factors: aperture (amount of light passing through the camera), shutter speed (length of light exposure) and ISO (light sensitivity). Most digital cameras allow you to adjust these settings, and perfecting them will get you the perf Insta pics. Learn how to here

3. Use the rule of thirds. If you've taken an art class, you're probably familiar with the visual "golden rule"—never put your subject at the center of the photograph. It causes eyes to wander away from your art's key purpose. Instead, try situating your subject in the upper, lower, left or right sections of your photo. Your followers will be *obsessed* with these aesthetic flicks. 

4. Don't be afraid to reach out for help. IK, we all hate reading instructions, but don't discount that manual! Plus, there are so many basic how-to guides online that cover everything from taking your first photos to navigating how to use different lenses. (Here's an article on how to take an Insta-worthy pic!)

Need Inspo? 

1. Take a pic within a pic! You need to show off your new digi cam, obvi!


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2. Mimic a paparazzi photoshoot. No autographs, please!

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3. Slay those low-light moments. Bc *every* hour is golden hour with a digital camera. 

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by Melanie Dowling, Laila Mayfield and Mina Rahmat | 5/25/2023