Your ultimate guide to the Olivia Rodrigo GUTS aesthetic

If you've been obsessing over GUTS for the last few weeks, you're in the right place! Welcome to the ultimate guide to the GUTS aesthetic, a non-definitive collection of outfit ideas and makeup looks all inspired by Olivia Rodrigo's sophomore album. 

The Colors

Sticking to the SOUR theme, the dominating color in the GUTS aesthetic is definitely purple—this time with complements of black and silver and pops of cherry red. Looking to cater your style to the album or already clambering to find a tour outfit? These colors are the place to start. 


The Outfits

When crafting a GUTS-inspired outfit, there are a million different ways to channel your inner Olivia. From mini dresses to statement footwear, consider this your ultimate wardrobe inspo: 

Little black dress

If there's one thing Olivia rocks like nothing else, it's a little black dress. Bonus points for pops of color and cute patterns!



Chunky black boots

Nothing goes better with a little black dress like some big black boots. 


Mini skirts

The mini skirt budget on the GUTS album must have been out of this world. Pair your skirt with a cute tank or baby tee to elevate the look. 



The Makeup

Ready to take your Livie look to the next level? Look no further than a cherry red lip, winged eyeliner and a shimmery eyeshadow.




The Nails 

There's essentially one option: jet black. And if it chips, well hey, maybe that's not the biggest problem. But if chipped black isn't your vibe, try a deep red to pair with your vampy lip.


Can't find the perfect polish color? Look no further. Essie's forever yummy shade is the perfect deep red.

For that jet black look, Essie's licorice has Olivia written all over it. 

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Slider image: @oliviarodrigo


by Grace Walker | 10/4/2023