Exclusive: Alec Chambers shares his new music and his best V-Day gift ideas

If you haven't heard any of Alec Chambers's music yet, you're missing out. His single "Whole Again" is totally sweet and the rest of the songs on his debut EP are just as good (our fave is "Heart of Gold"). Not only did the 19 year old teach himself how to play guitar, Alec also writes his own music and lyrics. We sat down with this super romantic guy to talk a little about his music – and to get a guy's perspective on V-Day. Watch his new music video and then check out Alec's musical picks for special holiday moments. 

GL: What inspired your song "Whole Again"? 

Alec: "Whole Again" is a song most definitely inspired by past relationships I've been in and people that I've met. Everybody has come across that person or that relationship in their life where they're just like, "This is what I've been waiting for." "Whole Again" is about meeting someone who is just absolutely everything that you've ever wanted. 

GL: Are there any particular emotions or feelings that make you write?

Alec: Heartbreak, happiness, wanting to be the best, never giving up no matter what – so many things. 

GL: Have you ever written a song for a girl? 

Alec: I have. Too many times.

GL: And have you ever given a song to anyone? 

Alec: Yes, just a few months ago, actually. 

GL: That's so cool. Do you have any big plans for V-Day? 

Alec: I'm currently single. So, I'm just chillin' right now!

GL: What's the best kind of gift to give someone special?

Alec: Handwritten letters are the best. And of course flowers. Just spending time with each other is always cool. 

GL: Is there anything in particular that guys want for Valentine's Day? 

Alec: Candy! (Twix!) I don't think guys really expect too much, me at least. I just want to spend time with my girl. It doesn't have to be crazy. Let's get coffee, watch a movie, get dinner… Just be together. 

GL: Do you have a fave love song? 

Alec: "All About You" by McFly. 

GL: What's the best song to slow dance to? 

Alec: "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. 

GL: And what's the best song to have your first kiss to? 

Alec: "Jamie All Over" by Mayday Parade. 

GL: Roses or chocolates?

Alec: Both. 100%. 

Thoughts on Alec's V-Day tips? What are you hoping to get this holiday? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to grab a copy of Alec's debut EP "Whole Again," available now (2/3)!


by Chelsea Duff | 2/1/2016